Money troubles

I need to make money to train against lvl trainer before the league. Got any tips?

The fastest way to make money is to battle using the dexnav.

Battle Gentleman Dun, he only has a level 50 dunsparce and gives a lot of money, you should also buy an amulet coin in helios City Department store to double the money you get.

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Here’s a method described by another user that works for farming money. In the same thread it also goes through the various ways you can earn more money, as well as IV Stones, Heart Scales, etc. Hope this helps!

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I’ll try it thanks


I’ll try havent thought of that

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You can get more money if a pokemon uses the move Happy Hour in the battle.

There is a move tutor in the Ultira Library that can teach it to some pokemon, he is located to the left of the center wing.

The pokemon that can learn the move are:


Once the pokemon knows the move you can evolve it.

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