Meloetta Puzzle Guide for 1.2.5

This guide should work as help for any of the 8 Meloetta tile puzzles encountered throughout Pokemon Insurgence. It is organized in order of when the puzzles could first feasibly be encountered during gameplay.

Keep in mind that this guide is not 100% perfect. If you’re having lots of trouble with a puzzle, I recommend resetting the puzzle.

This is the final result of all Meloetta puzzles. It will be referenced later.



Some of the guides to these puzzles use numbered guides. This means that each tile in its proper configuration is numbered 1-16, starting from the upper left corner and going row by row, as seen here. When a guide asks you to number tiles, it means to cross-reference their proper orientation from this image, and overlay that number on the tile’s location in your scrambled puzzle.

Numbered Image

Meloetta numbered

These are the individual puzzle guides, for the location and the puzzle guide:

1. Misty Way

Location: Surf directly east from the mainland to find the puzzle sitting on a small island.

Puzzle: 16 Tile Place

A fairly simple puzzle, just use the first picture at the start of the guide to figure out where each piece goes.

2. Koril Cave

Location: Surf across the water at the start of the cavern to find the puzzle.

Puzzle: Swap Puzzle

You can move your cursor around the map and hold Enter (or whatever button you set for interaction) and move to swap the selected tile with an adjacent tile. You should be able to complete the puzzle by just moving each tile to the correct position, from top to bottom, left to right.

3. Helios Sewers

Location (Requires Rock Smash and Strength): Starting from the Dept. Store, go left, up, and then take the lower left exit from that open area. Follow the path down, and then turn right to find a toxic pool. Cross this to find a fan leading upwards. Break the rock and push the boulder aside to gain access to the puzzle.

If starting from the Black Market, go left, and down as far as possible. Turn right to end up the toxic pool, and cross this to find a fan leading upwards. Break the rock and push the boulder aside to gain access to the puzzle.

Puzzle: Place + Rotate

First step to solving this puzzle is making sure all of the tiles are properly oriented. Tiles which are incorrectly rotated have a jagged edge if examined closely. Proper tiles have a straight edge.

Once all tiles are properly oriented, solve the puzzle as you would the puzzle from the Misty Way.

4. Whirl Islands

Location: Enter the southeasternmost cave of the Whirl Islands. Follow the ladder downwards. Work your way north and then as far west as possible until you find a ladder. Once you take the second ladder, the puzzle will be just a few tiles away.

Puzzle: Swap + Rotate

Rotate the tiles into their proper orientation by looking for jagged edges, indicating they are improperly rotated.

Once all tiles are properly oriented, solve the puzzle as you would the puzzle from Koril Cave.

5. Nasca Town

Location: Locate the Dive spot leading to the Power Farm in the northwestern pond in Nasca Town. Follow the route before surfacing in a small cave, where the tile puzzle is located.

Puzzle: 32 Tile Place (Horizontal Split)

A more difficult version of the puzzle found on the Misty Way where the 16 tiles are split into their top and bottom halves. Same guide applies, however note that the top halves of tiles have a light border along their tops, while the bottom halves of tiles have a dark border along their bottoms.

6. Fiery Caverns

Location: Descend to the second floor of the Caverns. Go northwards and cross the lava lake via the boulder from the first Fiery Caverns puzzle. Go east until you encounter a ramp, and follow it upwards and east until you find a ladder. Follow the ladder to find the puzzle.

Puzzle: Rotation

Follow this guide: Timburr Puzzle Strategy guide (4X4 Rotation) - Reborn City - Reborn Evolved

7. Void Gauntlet

Location (requires Rock Climb): Follow the Void Gauntlet until you reach the Cave of Origin. Descend to the second level, where the tile puzzle will be in the middle of the cavern.

Puzzle: 32 Tile Swap (Vertical Split)

Similar to the Koril Cave puzzle, except the 16 tiles are split into their left and right halves. Note that the middle two tiles on the left and right columns look very similar to each other. If the puzzle isn’t registering as complete even though it looks like the above image, try swapping those pairs of tiles.

8. Holon Volcano

Location: Enter the volcano, and walk south past the Hiker. Find and enter the nearest cave entrance. Travel west past the scientist and head north to find the puzzle in the middle of a lava lake.

Puzzle: Slide Puzzle (15 Tile Puzzle)

Follow this guide:

Alternatively, you can use this site 15 puzzle to make the computer solve it for you. Number the tiles following the second image in the guide.

Once you have all 8 Mysterious Scrolls, head to Route 5. Take the middle waterfall upwards and use Rock Climb to climb onto the ledge at the top of the route. Follow this and Rock Climb down to a cave entrance. From here, follow the path, opening the locks with the Scrolls. Eventually, you’ll encounter a Level 80 Meloetta, with the option to catch it. After the battle, you also gain access to the Quartz Flute ability, Relic Song.
The 1.2.5 Meloetta no longer has Perish Song, so no need to worry about it killing itself.

-Solo from the Pokemon Insurgence Discord for puzzle types at locations
-The Original Meloetta Puzzle Guide
-Pokemon Insurgence Wiki for Puzzle Locations
-15 Puzzle Guide #1
-15 Puzzle Solver
-Rotation Puzzle Guide
-The random StackExchange thread where I found a way to solve the torus puzzle


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Extra note on Puzzle 7 (torus puzzle)

The strategy for the puzzle revolves around rotating the positions of tiles located at the corners of right triangles. A rotation of this type is always possible within 4 moves. The following instructions will perform this rotation for a triangle with its right angle located at (x, y).


N, S, E, W denote a northwards, southwards, eastwards, or westwards shift for the xth column or yth row, respectively. Substitute the length of the triangle’s horizontal edge minus one for r and the length of the triangle’s vertical edge minus one for c. This number denotes the number of times that the row/column is shifted in that direction. The order of these movements depends on the orientation of the triangle and the direction that the tiles are rotated in; select the relevant sequence from the second image.

Sample rotation

The move sequence for this rotation is sequence 3.
x = 1 and y = 1.

  • Shift column 1 northwards by 1
  • Shift row 1 westwards by 2
  • Shift column 1 southwards by 1
  • Shift row 1 eastwards by 2

Resulting in this end state: