Making Fan Delta's! Need Requests!

Listen, i need requests for Delta Pokemon, choose any pokemon you want and choose the typing, please leave a good discription for it! I can’t do Gen 7 Pokemon so don’t ask xD. Anyway, Any Delta ideas and can’t Draw 'em? COME HERE! I’ll do 'em for you :smiley:


Go to this thread, and see what people’s ideas are. Then draw them.

I’d love to see a a Mega Delta Glalie

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I want a delta drapion line with ice and fire typings

Can be a fairy type mandibuzz? i love mandibuzz and fairy types, so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes I asked for that so long ago I’m in total support if that

I want to see a mega delta Charizard X that’s a pure ghost type. Make it more bulky and remove the wings and add extra purple smoke and spikes. Make it look more like a giant skeleton salamader and on all fours.

Delta Flygon line! If you do so, can i have a link to the sprites? xD

Delta Garchomp as earth fairy :smiley:

delta skorupi, steel and dragon delta drapion, dragon and fairy

Delta tyrunt—fire.ghost Delta tyrantrum—fire.dark Delta larvitar— Delta pupitar— Delta tyranitar— Delta golett—grass.flying Delta golurk—grass.flying

I had these i mind hope you like the ideas :sweat_smile:

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Delta Skarmory
Type: Electric
Ability: Speed Boost

Delta Blulbasaur Line (yes I know it already exists)
Type: Rock/Ground
Ability: Sand Stream

Why are you replying to this with art? The person is asking for ideas on what to draw, not to mention that this is from over 5 months ago. You’re just needlessly pinging. If you want to show off your fanmade deltas, post a new topic. But don’t necro posts. (Necro-ing is when you reply to a really old post, generally a month and later.

Oh, and also, fusions don’t count as deltas. You Zebstrika Skarmory isn’t a delta, and neither is your Crustle Venusaur. You need to make sprites by yourself, not stitch them together like some Dr. Frankenderp.

Delta chimchar, Poison electric. Abilities are either poison touch or motor drive and it’s hidden ability is merciless. It’s light blue with purple limbs. And it’s cowlick is a light blue thunderbolt.

Delta monferno would be the same typing, instead of fire on its tail it’s purple gas and the blue eyebrow on its head is black and the white stomach it has is a shade of lavender, the purple on it limbs has thunderbolt markings on its hands and feet.

Delta infernape, instead of the fire on its head it just thick purple gas and a thunderbolt crown. The breast plate it usually wears is still there but it looks like its rotted. The light blue fur coat has darkened from its previous forms to a nice dark purple, it’s white body fur is replaced with black fur and on its hands it has a small spike like croagunk.

Mega delta infernape, Poison electric, ability is Merciless. The gas on its head catches a spark and ignites. The poison forms gauntlets on its hands and the sparks doubles in size, the breastplate forms into a full on chest plate with pauldrons. The hair on its face extends.

Delta infernape stats are HP:86 Atk:134 def:71 spatk:54 spdef:71 spd:128

Mega delta infernape: HP:86 Atk:170 def:71 spatk:44 spdef:81 spd:158

References are Toxicroak, daedric gauntlets from skyrim, and that’s all I could think of right now.

Delta Cacturne Fighting Dark type

Deception Cacturne’S hat turns into a black headband all his spikes are gone except for four. Two black spike going from hand to back of arm and two more going from the side of his leg to his hips and one going down the center of his back and he has finger which are in a fist and his skin is medium brown eyes are white and he has a wicked smile as well

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