Looking for someon to breed me an excadrill

Trading Name: HElp

Offer: masuda NORMAL ditto( non delta any nature)

Request: bred excadrill

Further info:i dont know how to breed sorry

does this help?

i dont have a ditto with 6 ivs

What IVs, and moves do you want?


all ivs except sp.atk no egg moves

What ability?

sand rush


r u on the discord


tell me when doen]


I just finished trading with another person, I’ll get to work

I might not be able to get perfect IVs on all of them. I’ll put the IVs into attack and speed

can u try for perfect iv

Well no. I can try to do the main ones, but not five of them

ok thx

And so far I’ve encountered two mold breaker drillburs

Are you OK with a jolly Mold Breaker?

i dont mind