Location of roost

Supposedly, roost is in the cave where you catch meloetta in route 5, and i’ve checked, it really is but, i cant find the entrance to the place where it is, do i need to switch a button or use dig in a wall or something like that to reach its place?

You’re gonna need waterfall and surf to access the Roost TM.

It’s located in the north west entrance to Samsara Cave (there are multiple entrances)


i know that are multiple entrances and i also got waterfall and surf, i can even see the tm but i cant reach it

The only possible switch would be the one involving Delta Pidgey, which I already got before I found Roost.

idk if that switch would activate Roost but I just thought I’d let you know. No dig on a wall or any abnormal shenanigans like that.

Where you’re surfing on the floor level (exterior), go climb the little waterfall to the far left, you should access an entrance and see a Relic Song wall (Hoopa access, btw)

Enter it and go to your left

Edit : It has already been solved here : https://forums.p-insurgence.com/t/tm-in-route-5-cave-at-the-top-of-waterfalls/15168/4