Lf timid synchronize

Trading Name: guy44562

Offer: magikarp adamant nature with rare candy

Request: any timid nature synchronize ability pokemon

Further info: if you have some breedjects or something, I really don’t have anything decent to offer. Please save me from tons of soft resets!

You could just go to ZXC’s freind safari for an abra but if you don’t wanna do that you can go here Opening Bredmons (+Deltas) Gifts and Giveaways!

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I’m gonna try on the discord tomorrow, I just figured someone might have one from trying to breed a HA pokemon. Thank you very much for the resource!

If you want a timid synchronizer, I can give you one in about 3-4 hrs since I’m busy rn

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Do you know what time you’ll be free again? Sorry I was doing yard work all day

I’m free today from 10 30 pm to 2 30 am et

Are the wild nature’s set in a friend safari? If not that is a plausible way to get a good number of synchronize pokemon seems like jolly, adamant, timid and modest are the most needed.

Wild natures are not set in the friend safari.

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I just checked, I think I can get you one in about half an hour. I can also make it have good IV’s if you want/plan on using it.

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Are you on? I don’t need ivs just the over world bit for team building

Alrighty then. Let me just evolve it so it gets the ability.

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thank you very much!

Well, that took a while. I am ready to trade. It also acquired pokerus because it hung around my other Mons. My trade name is TailsFx.

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Thank you again I searched your name

I got a script error

Alright, I’ll wait.

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You saved me a ton of time, I wish you lots of shinies

thanks -w-. Have a nice playthrough.

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