LF Larvitar with Dragon Dance HA and IVs

Trading Name: thickums

Offer: Shiny feebas, scraggy, pawniard, and electabuzz

Request: Larvitar with Dragon Dance, HA, and IV bred (Special attack doesn’t matter)

Further info:shiny will come with a heart scale!

Hi, can I see a picture of that feebas? I’m interested.

Before I get started on the Larvitar, are you sure you want HA on it?

yes, Goal is to not have sand stream on evolution, and yes one moment

and here is the picture

Alright. To make the trade more fair I’ll level and EV train the tyranitar, what EV spread do you want?

Plus I’ll give you a few more bredmons.

Oh don’t worry about leveling or ev training, I got dat. If I could convince you to breed a deino with earthpower and darkpulse though, that’d be amazing

Sure, if that’s possible to breed anyways.

I’ve got a bit of time, I’ll breed now.

Edit: It turns out Pupitars only have one ability. So I have to catch a ton of those, evolve them, and hope that one tyranitar will have unnerve. This isn’t as easy as I’d think lol

do you actually not have an HA tyranitar or larvitar

Not anymore

you know, you could always come over to my shop and ask for bredmons! i would fancy a shiny pawniard. 4 bredmons for that shiny pawniard. how’s that sound? also a screenshot of the pawniard pls

sure thing man, where is your shop?

It’s closed because the latest post on it was beyond 4 days. If you really wanna look at it this is the latest version right now:

here’s the list of mons i offer: Wyvern’s bredmon shop and you can just order here i suppose. And does the pawniard have defiant?

you ordering or not? this thread is about to close

kinda wanna clarify that those 10 warnings were for spam and NSFW content? and yes i got banned for trading in pm. but has it happened again? no.

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