LF: HA Delta Beldum (Ruin)

Trading Name: Hoosier

Offer: IV Stones

Request: Jolly or Adamant HA Delta Beldum

Further info: Don’t care about the IV’s. Just wanted the good nature and the Rock Head on my team early.

i am down your offer is iv stones so how many do you want

How many IV stones do you want? Not sure what the going rate is for a bred delta.

the going rate is usually 1 unless it’s like 6iv so i wont scum you haha

Cool. Are you ready to trade now?

trade name matsilva whats yours?


alright ready to go its 4 iv jolly

hold on, I’m having trouble getting in. Give me a minute

ok lemme know when and ill go


thanks homie

Just curious, do you have a delta volcarona too? Been looking for one.

yep i have a lot of delta larvestas if you wanna do another iv stone for one

ive got modest 5 iv ones if you want

sweet! Let me get another IV stone in my party. I’ll let you know when I get it ready.

sounds good


Thanks a million!

np homie, if there are any else you want lemme know like the starters, if i dont have id breed basically anything for an iv stone