LF foreign Ditto

Trading Name: Blunna

Offer: x1 IV Stone

Request: 1 Ditto NOT from the US

Further info: Anyone up?

Edit: I can offer more if your Ditto has some IVs

I can get ya a Greek one. Not now though , I’m bout to sleep,

That would be amazing, I’ll see you tomorrow if I don’t get another one before then, then.

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Yeah, cya then

i can get you one

Y’know they’re worth Shiny Legends?

@Aren you can trade shiny legendaries for iv stones

no one trades shiny legends for iv stones…

wht does this mean…
i do not understand

I meant masuda ditto lol

masuda ditto is worth shiny legends

Yea, probably only one though…
Shiny Good Natured (for breeding) Masuda Ditto is probably worth 3 Shiny Legends if not more.

Only delta masuda is worth it…

Plus I already have a masuda

ohhh. ok

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… who tf would give you a shiny legend for masuda lol

Imagine Sbeve coming here lmao

have they got a shiny legend for masuda?

yes i have got a shiny mew

Nope, he gave a shiny mew for a masuda d. ditto lol

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