LF foreign Ditto

Oh right I remember lmao. But imo they aren’t worth it

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uh no that’s really not worth it lol

I mean, I didn’t really care about the mew and I was pretty desperate for one

Tbh I get it, I traded my shiny latios for a shiny delta a shiny bredmon and a random shiny cuz I never used the lati

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Probably not the best but I dont regret it

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where are you from sbeve by the way.
wanted to know bcause of masuda

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I live in america

the land of the fat lmao

also this is getting a bit off topic

thx. i was afraid you could live in india and all the shiny hunting was for waste

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i regret nothing lol

they meant normal bruh

tbh, at most 10 iv stones is better

do you think they have access to CC?

what’s that?

challenge championship

is that where you get IV stones?

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