Lets talk the talk

Just talk ig

what to talk abt -

i finally did my introduction :smiley:

idk anything my school still suc

Oh no

Is that a new muppet?

no it dieno

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Should be.

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also anyone wanna batllee?

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nvm im stil making a team

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maybe in 3 hours

Still haven’t done my intro, waiting till may lol



I’VE been trying to catch this sceptile at dragon ruins. it is on 1 HP and still wont get in a ball, i wasted 30 balls so far.

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Working on the new Analysed episode. It’s the first time nobody voted for the next one.


Whats it about then?

Mega Reunicluss. I made a new rival on the battle sim. The best Trick Room user so far.