Klefki from Anastasia. How do I deal with it?

I think you just need to EV train.

2 things. Mobile Autocorrect and life.

Then don’t complain about the guide then. Simple.

If you’re gonna put stuff at least take the time to make sure it is an actually decent strat. Once exams are over, sure, I’ll rewrite hard.

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I did EV train the whole team plus some reserves in my PC (Haxorus who i added in for D. Gardevoir), still having issues because prankster just outspeeds no matter what, and then confusion plus para or even just confusion beats me and i can’t hit him

maybe give it a lum berry?

then it wont use swagger

it can only use foul play or sub, meaning they can beat it if they use a mon with low attack

the only good mons I have with low attack and high special attack get walled because of its steel type. It’s just both gardevoirs and Mega Flygon, heavy special attackers, but Mega flygon can’t mega so it would have to be swapped out with the D. Gardevoir. Simply put, i can’t hit it with anything that isn’t physical

why not put earth power on mega flygon?

m stunfisk ig is he can get

its a reward from flag guy

and it a fs pokemon

hes doing a nuzlocke iirc

doesnt say that


a test run

and? im assuming hes still following nuzlocke rules minus permadeaths

I was actually thinking about that, It could work fairly well, but then again it would only work on Magnezone and Aegislash, and I doubt it would kill aegislash. Metagross outspeeds and onetaps with ice punch so i can’t test him on that

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idk friend safaris are technicaly breaking nuzlocke rules