Klefki from Anastasia. How do I deal with it?

Hey, so I have gotten to the Kepler city gym on my test run of a nuzlocke. Fights I struggle with are Trainer’s school tourney, Xavier, Taen 1, East, and Harmony. Because I can reset fights and “save scum” I am open to trying anything. My current team is this

Gardevoir @ Focus Sash
Ability: Synchronize
EVs: 33 Attack, 12 Defense 24 Sp. Atk 24 Sp. Def 39 Speed
Nature: Naive
-Draining Kiss
-Calm Mind

D. Haxorus @ Metal Coat
Ability:Water Veil
EVs: 252 Attack 252 Speed 6 HP (don’t ask how, idk)
Nature: Naive
-Aqua Tail
-Poison Fang
-Swords Dance

D. Garvevoir @ Never-Melt-Ice
Ability: Lightning Rod
EVs: 20 Attack 5 Defense 17 Sp. Atk 13 Sp. Def 15 Speed
Nature: Naive
-Calm Mind
-Ice Beam
-Double Team

Excadrill @ King’s Rock
Ability: Sand Rush
EVs: 19 Attack 23 Defense 22 Sp. Atk. 16 Sp. Def 161 Speed
Nature: Naughty
-Swords Dance
-Rock Slide
-Rapid Spin

Flygon @ Flygonite
Ability: Levitate (Amplifier)
EVs: 6 Atk 3 Def 233 Sp. Atk 1 Sp.Def 252 Speed
Nature: Bashful
-Bug Buzz
-Ancient Roar
-Drakon Voice

Lucario @ Expert Belt
Ability: Steadfast
EVs: 27 Atk 24 Def 29 Sp. Atk 17 Sp. Def 67 Speed
Nature: Relaxed
-Bone Rush
-Work Up
-Aura Sphere
-Close Combat

So the first thing that prob stands it is lack of EV training, which I was going to do but wanted to post this first. I am going to EV train and clean up my mons
Second thing that stands out is moveset, particulary D. Haxorus. I was thinking Swords Dance, Aqua Tail, Bullet Punch and Crunch with Strong jaw, but want to know what you think.

D. Gardevoir also needs a swap up as I can’t use double team because that is particularly scummy i feel. Leave some suggestion idk what to put on it

Lucario I’m conflicted on, on one hand, I want to bring in Haxorus from my PC but don’t know if I should or not. I know that special Lucario is better, but I like physical because of bullet punch and close combat, meanwhile Haxorus has a high attack stat that I will then boost later with M. haxorus

Gardevoir I am in love with rn as I have 6-0d Audrey twice with it leading, and it does very well against stall or bulky mons with sleep and then setting up with calm mind.

Flygon is my Ace, he goes in on what he resists, and blows shit up with boomburst and drakon voice.

Excadrill is very good and consistent, i need iron head for it rn tho.

Welp that’s all, send me some help, because dear god do I need it

Edit 1: I am on hard mode with cult story. I can’t get any items or pokemon past Kepler city, and am limited to only Delta mons and 1 normal per route (I want to use the new guys)

Edit 2: I currently have an EV trained Haxorus in my party in for Delta Gardevoir. There is a chansey, and a delta charizard in my pc that are not being used as chansey/blissey need tm moves to be good and most are later in the game (toxic, calm mind, ice beam) and delta charizard would lead to 3 dragons on my team, however I might consider it with a dragon steel fairy core idk.

Edit 3: I added a bulky hippowdon onto my team to activate sand rush, however electivire swaps into it and then it can’t do anything or safely swap into anything as excadrill for some reason doesn’t outspeed despite max speed ev and iv and neutral nature

Edit 4: I FOUND IT. Bulky hippowdown not only sets up sand for Excadrill to take out both klefki and Electivire. But can also switch into metagross and easily tank two ice punchs with leftovers. He yawns on it and makes it sleep and then EQ 2 times and its dead. After that magnezone comes in and uses hidden power ice, i swap into lucario as he resists and can retalitate with aura sphere (no CC because sturdy.) Aegislash comes in and i bring in my hippowdown once more, simply to heal up excadrill with potions so he can swap in. Hippowdown sleeps Aegislash as well and switches into Excadrill, sets up a swords dance or 2 and then kill Aegislash. then for Rotom i swap in Mega Flygon, as he isn’t affected by half damage from will o wisp and resists both of his attacking moves

Hippodown is the GOAT of this match and I had no idea, because of nuzlocke tho i sacrificed my Gale Wings Talonflame but man was it worth it. I caught flygon where i got Hippodown so I had to sacrifice to catch another pokemon there, one i think is of equal or more value, i thought I would need it in the future but i can’t use it there if i can’t even get there lol

It’s a bit too late for Aqua Jet now, but yeah, the set you said probably works best for what you have. VS. Anastasia, you may want EQ over Crunch. What difficulty are you on?

I recommend you use this guide for the battle:

When you can, replace D. Garde with D. Scyther, with Sash/LO. Hustle Hone Claws is pretty powerful and can destroy most of the E4. I would try to squeeze A-Ttar in for Sand Rush, Flygon seems to be the better mega if you want speed, otherwise you’ll want Webs from D. Spidergross. If you were to go with M. Hax, I would kick Flygon, Lucario, and Excadrill. Either way, D. Scyther>D. Garde for E4, though not for Nyx. For Nyx, you’ll want D. Garde. If you get Webs, run Mold Breaker Excadrill from Friend Safari. I would drop D. Hax for DD/Moxie Gyarados, and maybe run LO or Specs on Garde. You’ll want to patch up those Natures.

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On Normal and Hard modes, you can use Excadrill to kill Klefki with EQ.

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also the guide only goes up to harmony in hard, and it advises u to use d muk, who loses due to half of her mons having air balloons and either strong stab or se coverage

No offense, but the guide isn’t very helpful/good.

hey i did all of hard mode :frowning:

Yeah, but the guide seriously isn’t helpful. Just cuz someone beat it with a certain team doesn’t mean it’s good. My 6 Kingdra team wins 50% of the time, doesn’t mean it’s good. Also, the person could RNG their way through.

i was stuck to deltas…

Hard mode, cult story mode. If it was easy mode I wouldn’t need the help lol that shit is a cakewalk

Then edit it. It is that simple.

I would do that but i can’t land a hit with anything besides mold breaker on klefki. Prankster dickes me down and doesn’t let me hit anything, just confusion and para hax and 6-0’s the whole damn team. I still get confused as Haxorus, but for some reason I can hit it with guillotine

do u have the substitute tm? that might be worth putting on smth to avoid swagger/thunder wave

It doesn’t have Magnet Rise on Hard tho. Excadrill cant be para only swaggered so just retry for better confusion luck.

I can’t use Gyarados, had one but died early and had to sack it or else I would lose my only chance. Species clause restricts me from getting another one

wont avoid swagger.

I have, 10 times I went around and it died both times, Swagger -> Foul play killed Exca each time

I’ll try, maybe ill put it on something with less attack stat so foul play can’t get through and I can set up

Are you getting outsped? +2 EQ should kill, though you aren’t EV trained and Klefki is.