Is this catchable (Spoiler)

Is the giratina catchable after beating the inverse boss

Yes it is, but has a pretty low catch rate.


What typing is mega giratina?

It’s origin giratina. It is every type.

How Can you make giritina back to origin after catching it

Make it hold a griseous orb found in no mans land.

But Are you able to make IT back to the form you caught IT in?


How Do you Do that?

Giratina is EVERY type!? Thats why Thunder Wave didnt work! Then whats the best way to weaken it? I just used Bite or Crunch

Bitch I just told you how

The best way to weaken it? None of the above.

Where in no mans land Do you find the grisorious orb?

Near the cave of truth’s entrance.

None of the above? Well, how did you catch it? Granted when i played this part, it was very late at night for me. The catching attempt were so many that Giratina ended up struggling and then dying. Luckily i saved before that

Lucky hits.

Well for some reason i was able to catch it with a heavy ball so you could try that.

Maybe i was unlucky. I’ll try attempt 2 when i get home

I caught him using 4 ultraballs and 1 heavy ball…

I just Beat the leauge is There anything Else left?