Is this catchable (Spoiler)

levels of your mons?

i think there’s a post about post game quiz and that stuff

How Do i Do the post game part?

can anyone help me how to go to gaea town. i dont have mountain climb

you can’t go if you don’t have it, you should beat elite 4 and the champion to get rock climb… If you have 7 badges, you should get the last one

yeah mate where is the last one? where is the 8th gym?

Darkai Cultist Base! (be ready for it)

where is it lol the town?

Telnor Cave (begging of the game)

thank you xd

you’re welcome! hahaha

Where is rock climb, i have beaten the leauge, But i still dont have it

lol i caught him using great ball after throw 30 ultra ball and 20 max revive xd

lmao I caught him first throw with an ultra ball. Had him low health and asleep

It was weak to water and rock type

Yea,I accidentally found out it was weak to water and then I easily caught it with using just 2 Heavy Balls

I caught mine with one heavy ball without having used any moves

And it was shiny too xD

Mine has less than 5% HP and I used over 40 balls. Heavy, Ultra and Timer and the damn bitch doesn’t want to go in

Dang I’ve been trying for about an hour now