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Is this a bug?

Yes, try using the DexNav to faint your party or reload from a backup save

Th dexnav doesnt work and how do you load the backup save I keep looking

So I searched it and this came up! And Searched the other one.15622143722625880359472836666909|690x388

You put it in the address bar not the search bar. %Userprofile%/Saved Games/Pokemon Insurgence should also work

I searched that on the core to find the saved file

I think I found it

That is the save files just follow the instructions from the post that noob posted from there

So I just delete the save backup things except for Game.rxdata?

no other way delete Game.rxdata and remane Save_0_Backup_1.rx data to Game.rxdata

So if doesnt work its really broken?