Is there another way to get diancie?

i accidentally fainted it and saved. im a complete dumbass lmao.
i do have some legendaries for trade like the swords of justice, groudon kyogere and rayquaza,etc. but i havent tried out the trade system yet soo… it might take a little long.

did you save before fighting it? if you did, just load a backup and youll go back unless you saved more than 3 times

u can see how to load a backup here btw lol

well, i did, but i didnt think of it at the moment.

If u want ,i can touch trade u a diancie,assuming u just want it for the dex lol

of course. but i havent tried out the trade system therefore i dont know how it works.

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Here is a guide

ohhh, so we have to just press enter at the same time? can we do it now?

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Not yet, eating breakfast lol, i will be available in 10 minutes

sure, just @ me when youre ready

Btw,u know what touch trade means,right?I will trade u the diancie and then u will trade it back to me

yeah. i just need diacie for dex

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btw whats ur trade name?
mine is: excee

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Oh, my trade name is Kafkinos

and mine is jerewryy! :cowboy_hat_face:

@ihavenolife I am back lmao

Lmk when ya will be ready


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Yeah, I am ready