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Guide to online features in Pokemon Insurgence

thanks :slight_smile: You must have typed this out as I was playing around with my firewall:joy: but thank you its worked :smiley:

when i try to use the online mode nothing happens and after 2 minutes there is an error: “the script is taking too long. game will restart. if this error occures the server may be down”. i use 1.1.7, what is wrong then?

The server is offline currently for online features.

This, Friend safari username list needs to be Bumped, Upvoted or made more accessible,Spreadsheet

also sharing this list

Anyone on here want to trade or what not if so let me know and i will give you my name

hey do you know when the servers are going to be back online

They are online, are you sure your updated to the newest version? You can check server status at

can we trade items without trading pokemon?

You can’t :frowning:

So only on discord?


trading items on discord only? ?_?

You can trade items here or on discord. For a large amount of items discord is recommended

ok :smiley:

What Cow said, it’s just easier to coordinate there. Just no trades or anything related to trades(like offers, deals, deciding on time etc.) in PMs.

This game really needs a way to trade over the same internet using a LAN connection so we can actually trade with our siblings ect.

You really had to necro post here?This is a 2 year old post!!!(1)

i try to trade with my friend but when we choose the two pokemon we want to trade it’s make time and said 1min later that the user has left. What we suppose to do ?

Script ‘GTS_Deuk’s script no stealerino’ lime 283:NoMethodError occured.

undefined method’[]’ for nil:NilClass

This warning always pops up when I’m about to trade before my game suddenly shuts down.

What do I do?