Insurgence Clothing Submission (Rules and Base Sprite)

After many months of requests, the Insurgence Dev Team is finally offering an opportunity for you as the community to submit your own clothing designs, to potentially be chosen as some of the new clothing options in 1.2!

To submit, You must first download the base sprites from this Zip file.

MAKE SURE TO CLICK “Download through browser” for the file

There are also few rules that you must follow:

1) Your submission must be appropriate. Any NSFW clothes will lead to a deletion of your post, and an automatic ban.

2) Your submission must be complete, and include the following:

  • A front sprite.
  • A complete back spritesheet (5 positions to sprite over).
  • A complete overworld walk spritesheet (16 positions to sprite over).
  • A complete overworld run spritesheet (16 positions to sprite over).
  • A complete overworld bike spritesheet (16 positions to sprite over).

3) If your submission does not include every piece listed in Rule #2, your post will be deleted. You are allowed to finish it and then repost it, but if you continue to post an incomplete set you will be potentially banned for spamming and not following rules.

4) Any clothes from the main game series is acceptable, but they must fit on the protagonists models that we have. Do not try to just copy and paste without making sure they look correct on the characters, or else the post will end up deleted and you’ll have to try again.

5) Any clothes from other FANGAMES will be instantly deleted.

6) Please show an example with your sprite in use with the base or in an outfit.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! When you submit them, make sure to tag them with the Clothing Submission so that we can group them together and check them. Thanks!


My nudes incoming.



But… but… they are already in the folder ;(

All I pray for is a better beanie. :joy:

Well I got a few questions.

Can we make full body costumes? Like say I wanted to make a hot dog suit for the player character, it’d probably not work with the hats.

I know stuff from other fan games is against the rules, but what about original games? Like Mario’s overalls or Megaman’s helmet?

And lastly, do we have a deadline?

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then make one

i’d recommend doing it in parts. So players have to wear the “hot dog suit hat” with the “hot dog suit” to make the full costume work, and without worrying about other hats.

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Now are we putting the clothing on the templates or are we editing the ones in the clothing files?

You should be following the format of what is in the folders.
Which is, Shirt sprite + Pants (and shoes in the same one) sprite

…click the link that i posted right above the rules, that will take you to the base that you’re supposed to use…

I don’t know if it’s a misunderstanding in my part,but are individual clothing allowed? As most of these comments seem to include a full set. (If it does have to include all 4 clothing parts,could an admin delete my post for “Red’s Hat”?)

Also, is this allowed? I don’t seem to see a response of it.

You can make sprites from other original games as long as you are able to tweak it matching the trainer fully.
Like an example, Mario can be like this, the hat and mustache are the hat sprite, shirt and gloves are the shirt sprite, and pants and shoes are the pants sprite.

It is alright to do a piece of your choice, since it is clothing.

Just asking… (I’m not sure whether I’ll try this at all) but just got an idea & thought I should ask

Are Pokemon Cosplays allowed in this? (As long as they are self made & not copied, of course) I guess that’d give our characters a little PokeManiac Trainer Class style. Cool, right?

(I know this question may have been stupid & unnecessary both. Sorry)

As long as it follows the rules on the OP then yes.

i would love to see the edward elrich clothes with the symbol and the unifrom from the alchemists (FMA) and a straw hat like th one tha luffy uses.


lol. Good Luck. :3

Should we leave a space for the backpack?