In-game viability

Hey guys,
I’ve been thinking about doing an Insurgence In-game viability ranking for a while, and I want to know what you guys think some of the best mons are for a playthrough.


mega d. gallade he is a monster with swords dance psycho cut and his coverage


wait do legendries count for the tier list? If so add primal arceus and giratina(I only know about this cuz if the wiki lol)

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  • Delta Gardevoir

You can almost 6-0 Nyx with. Also annihilate Audrey and all Dragon Type given the right coverage knowing you fight Kyurem a lot. Choice Scarf makes it extremely powerful.

  • Gengar

A levitating Taunt user that can destroy Kyla and shut down Eduard’s Hippodown.

  • Mega Delta Venusaur

Sweep most of the major battle effortlessly.

  • Mega Kangaskan

You know why. Parental Bond.

  • Delta Snorlax

You get it at a crucial timing, right before entering the Abyssal Cult base. With Thick Fat, it also prove itself to not be a dead weight against the Infernal Cult.

  • Scizor

NEVER underestimate that bug. It can sweep Reurka’s team by itself after two Swords Dance by just clicking Bullet Punch, it 0-6 Harmony and her Fairy/Nromal team, has a super good matchup against the plethora of Psychic Daman uses.

  • Armoured Tyranitar & Excadrill

It is just SO BULKY and can also enable one of the best sweeper in the game, Sand Rush Excadrill. Together, they both destroys the Elite 4 effortlessly (even if taunt is preferable for Kyla).

This is what I got spontaneously.


lol my friend does the same thing with scizor (but he doesn’t play insurgence) he says thats one of the reasons its so good and its his favorite pokemon

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Man, Mega Scizor is probably the best Mega Metagross check in the game. Plus, it’s Bullet Punches are so strong, no matter if mega or not. It’s also a great Choice Bander and Scout with U-Turn.

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you forgot d. haxorus which is early on, along with d. scyther. the former’s wallbreaking potential is crazy.


aqua jet + heavy slam with ha is great, and one of the best defensive things in the game.


I dont know much about a lot of the delta lol

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Why does everyone say delta scyther is better? I’m looking at the wiki and d Scizor and it’s mega are pretty solid and although no that much better with only a base 20 more attack than scyther, it’s still a one up. Is the wiki broken?


No, the reason is that Scizor is slower and bulkier, but it lost the amazing defensive typing, so the faster Scyther is overall better cuz it can hit hard and outspeed, especially with Hustle Hone Claws boosting it’s attack.

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Ah, so it’s a matter of ability and speed? But even then, mega d Scizor gets adaptability, which is still a great ability.


But it does not have the speed to take fully advantage of it. 70-ish is way to low.


Well, it can learn hone claws and agility and vacuum wave too to get rid of focus sash’s

Vacuum Wave is useless on Scizor, Ice Shard is better in every way.

Regardless I would rather have delta Scizor on my team, which I actually had and destroyed and tanked almost anything. And as for speed problems, agility and choice scarf take care of that pretty well. Hustle isn’t the best because of the high power stab move that this line gets don’t have the best accuracy, and adaptability worked for me just fine. I still like Scizor more, and I personally think it’s better, but in terms of hitting really hard, mega delta Scizor and delta scyther are probably almost on par. With one having slightly better attack.

Almost. actually, during Hail, D. Scizor can surpass D. Scyther, with higher speed, but Hustle isn’t too bad, as you can run Sash Hone Claws. Also Hustle HC allows for a Higher attack stat than D. Scizor.

True but M E G A S C I Z O R