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If you were a gym leader/Champion in a new region

Just to ask what your ideal team would be. Fan made Pokémon as long as not too overpowered are allowed.(Realizing I didn’t specify with the idea being that YOU made the Pokémon.) There we go. With that out of the way, what would your teams be? I’ll post my own team if you guys ask for it.


post your team and later ill post mine

This was actually done not long ago.


Delta Sableye (Luck) @ Delta Sablenite Luck
Type: Grass Light
Ability: Fools Gold (No priority moves work and it goes both ways.)
Energy Ball
Radiant Light
Aura Sphere

Delta Metagross (Ruin) @ Wide Lens
Ability: Rock Head
Wood Hammer
Diamond Storm
Crystal Rush

Delta Metagross (Spider) @ Shell Bell
Ability: Poison Point
Poison Jab
Toxic Spikes

Delta Mewtwo @ Choice Scarf
Type: Fire Flying
Ability: Fuel Up
Air Slash
Power Gem

Delta Gallade @ Choice Band
Ability: Volt Absorb
Ice Punch
Thunder Punch
Night Slash
Leaf Blade

Delta Roserade @ Leftovers
Ability: Limber
Dark Pulse
Calm Mind
Grass Knot

@Incognito1234 I know and I created this because I didn’t want to necro

Ok, just didn’t know if you knew.

I had found it and instead if necroing I made this topic. Do you have steam tho?

Don’t put iv or ev spreads though

Ummm, I do have Steam, why do you ask?

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@Incognito1234 I meant team it was a typo lol

so i can make some custom forms for pokemon if i want?

Yup do whatever you want as long s it’s not stupidly overpowered

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You should explain the new ability’s and types though

Don’t even think about it turbo. STOP IT. If you’re going to like my posts at least reply.


I couldn’t reply cuz I was typing something else.

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Post your teams guys. (Or girls)

I did already.

"Ok, so my gym, I’d want to be the 4th leader and I would be a rock type gym leader in Unova (first game). My badge would the Sphere badge, it would look like a rock that was sanded into a ball, with little lines going through, just like spherical rocks tend to have. So my gimmick would be a ball puzzle, you would have a certain amount of moves to move the puzzle in place so the ball can roll on out. Should you fail the puzzle you will face a trainer, this will happen once more, and then you will be given the answer to the puzzle and move on. You will have to do more difficult ball puzzles as the difficulty increases. Evantually you will move on to the gym leader, Rocco. The pokemon on Rocco’s team would be:

Lvl. 28 Dwebble
Lvl. 29 Archen
Lvl. 31 Gigalith (Ace)
For the challenge championship Rocco would have:

Alolan Golem
Tyranitar (Mega)
(PS. I’m not great at movesets or competitive, but this was my best attempt)." incognito said this in the old one If you were a gym leader

Champion Kameron
Mythros champion
speech: “Glad to see you made it to our rematch. Not losing this time, especially with my more balanced team!”
team: Infernitaur-60, Evershush-60, Aquaidra-60, Lumosir (electric/steel knight pokemon)-60, Medusage (rock/psychic gorgon fakemon)-60 , Warwraith-60
win- " You need more items and training. Come back in an hour."
defeat-“How’d you win again? If I have to use legendaries to win next time, you’re too powerful!”

Gym leader Kameron- fire type
5th gym leader
gym badge: The inferno badge- shaped like a large explosion (imagine if a nuke exploded)

gym puzzle- answer a question about a Mythrian fakemon- get it wrong, you get nuked and sent to the beginning of the puzzle. Either memorize the correct answers and get through it eventually, or you might get it right 1st try.
Speech: “Welcome. Let’s battle already so I can get back to training”
Team- Infernitaur-36 (ace)
win- " good try. Come back after a few hours of training."
defeat-“Good battle! not losing next time, in the champion’s room”

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