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I think I got a good set for my e4 battle!

I got a really good set but I dont know if its too good so checking with the forum.

…what was the purpose of this post then…

I dont know I just wanted an excuse to get back on the forum

lmao, what’s your set boye

I got d gard with choice specs, clear body, calm mind, thunferbolt, zap cannon, and blizzard. D Snorlax with choice band, wood hammer, belly drum, power up and drain punch. D volcarona with levitate, Clearsmog, flaem thrower, venoshock, and toxic spikes. d medicham with earthquake, mooblast, power up punch, and focus blast. flygon with bide, boomburst, Drakon voice, solar beam. Goodra with sunny day rain dance aqau tail and power whip. Sry abioout all the typos im really bad at typing.


is it good ;-;

choice specs d garde with calm mind?
flygon with bide?
d medi with earthquake and power-up punch??

mega confusion

yea im not good at competitive battleing anf most of the time i just wing it

tbh it’s actually fine im just confused
d gard is really good but i prefer d mismagius
either way the moveset would be calm mind, thunderbolt, ice beam, and moonblast (that moveset works for both pokemon)

d snorlax is better with seed bomb, drain punch, belly drum, and custom move water

d volcarona is better with dvol armor and venoshock, dark pulse, hypspace hole (heart scale) and flamethrower

d medi is better with it’s megastone as it’s item (mega ability doubles SpA which is broken af) and earth power, moonblast, eball (energy ball) and calm mind

flygon can be improved with flygon armor/choice specs with earth power, drakon voice (heart scale), ancient roar and boomburst

just remove goodra and replace it with a better delta like… oh right delta arcanine
delta growlithe is obtainable by leveling up a pokemon to exactly 52 and trading it to the man in the southwestern corner of narra town

use muscle band as the item (buffs physical moves) and the moves are swords dance, extreme speed, earthquake/crunch, and outrage

also don’t evolve growlithe until you get outrage and if you decide on crunch, crunch (crunch is lvl 39, outrage is lvl 43). swords dance can be found in route 15 by the sketchy salesman for 3k pokedollas or settlement alfa for free (brunette in the medic tent) and extreme speed is level up from delta arcanine so you can heart scale that too

and you’re done!

I will take your advice. I am really glad everyone here is so nice :slight_smile:

Yeah mon!
insert Jamaica



also d misdreavus can be found in deyraan town

click on snowmon (snowmen + pokemon) and then talk to the little girl near the snowmons

ok thx

while i’m at it imma make a quick list of all the coverage u got

ok sure

oh and btw my d medicham already has its ha

  • Fire ✓ (D. Volcarona)
  • Water ✓ (D. Snorlax)
  • Grass ✓ (D. Snorlax, D. Medicham)
  • Electric ✓ (D. Gardevoir/Mismagius)
  • Ice ✓ (D. Gardevoir/Mismagius)
  • Rock ✓ (Flygon)
  • Ground ✓ (D. Medicham, Flygon)
  • Dragon ✓ (D. Arcanine, Flygon)
  • Flying -
  • Normal ✓ (D. Arcanine, Flygon)
  • Psychic ✓ (D. Volcarona)
  • Dark ✓ (D. Volcarona)
  • Fighting ✓ (D. Snorlax)
  • Fairy ✓ (D. Gardevoir/Mismagius, D. Medicham)
  • Steel -
  • Bug -
  • Ghost -
  • Poison ✓ (D. Volcarona)

You need more coverage tbh

and SHIT THAT’S GOOD but still it’s mega is hella good