Hyper voice on sylveon?

Is it possible to get hyper voice on sylveon in this game? I’m planning to train a pixilate sylveon an i think hyper voice is stronger than moonblast this way Disclaimer im shit at breeding, never done that in my life, but i’m a quick learner… Hopefully

Sylveon can only learn Hyper Voice through move tutors, which are currently unobtainable.

That’s unlucky Will it be possible to get it though? What will be a good moveset for a sylveon roght now?

Without Move Tutors, Sylveon has a pretty bad moveset. Both the cleric set and wallbreaker set require move tutors. I think it will be possible to get tutors after the Elite Four at Gaea Town.

Well for now i’ll have to leave sylveon behind then :confused: So what other pokemon can i take My team that im planning to build: Hydreigon dark/dragon Rhyperior ground/rock Wash Rotom electric/water Blaziken fire/fighting Aegislash ghost/steel I had sylveon in here but i ge’ll have to wait And what do you think about it?

If this is a competitive team, I would suggest you remove Hydreigon and Rhyperior. The minimum tier for this team is Ubers, and Rhyperior and Hydreigon are both outclassed there.

Rotom-W usually runs unavailable moves like Volt Switch, Will-o-Wisp, and Pain Split. You’re probably going to have to wait for that one too.

Not all of Blaziken’s common moves (Swords Dance, Protect, Stone Edge) are available so you’ll probably have to wait on that one too.

Aegislash has good level up moves, so you can probably work with that.

If you want team advice, post here https://forums.p-insurgence.com/c/battle-simulator/team-builds

Not really going for competetive right now becouse i dont know how to breed IVs and egg moves But i know how to train EVs I’m building those teams just to have some to fight against my friends

Breeding guide: Breeding Guide

If you’re just battling against friends, you’re probably fine. Aegislash and Rotom-W can block moves supereffective against the other. Each of those Pokemon are pretty good by themself.

Can you suggest some builds on this team?