How Do you Install mods?

Hey Guys, I don’t know hot to install mods, I saw one to do with clothing posted a while ago but I don’t know how to implement it, any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

Just replace the graphics files with the new ones. They will be in the Graphics folder in the Core. Inside it is a bunch more folders, but Characters > Clothes is where the clothing articles are located. To replace a graphical file, just paste the new file and rename it to what is gonna be replaced. If they have the exact same name and file extension, your PC will prompt you to replace the file. Agree and you should be set.

Thanks, however I’m not sure what to replace. I took it off the Female Trainer Overhaul mod which is located here Female Character Overhaul. Would you know what to replace?

The directory is practically identical to the Core’s. Just merge the folders after selecting which files you want to use.

Thanks for the help but I seem to be pretty bad at this, I doubt I could make it work

I can’t be bothered to explain into any further detail. It’s just some graphical changes, I don’t think they’ll make/break your enjoyment of the game drastically.

Thanks for the help though :slight_smile: