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Female Character Overhaul


Hey guys!

So, there is nothing wrong with the base game sprite but sometimes I just want to be a pretty girl. So I re-did all of the art assets and I present you with a more feminine version of sprites for the female character. Features include:

  • ribbons and flowers
  • skirts and handbags
  • no more hair clipping through hats!
  • art assets line up with each other, so no hats that jump up and down anymore
  • overall less glitchiness than vanilla sprites
  • I took the colors directly from other pokemon games so the sprites should fit in flawlessly
  • clothes were designed so they can be mixed and matched
  • I also redesigned the icons for each item
  • in the base game, there is a glitch where sometimes the walking sprite is overlayed with the running sprite. I did my best to mitigate this and make it less noticeable with the way I placed the sprites but some things I just can’t make hot

Look at these pretty pictures!



  • this ONLY works with the female character. The assets I made will not line up with the male MC sprites. If you choose to install this mod everyone will be wearing skirts because the male MC shares the clothing assets with the female one.
  • some of the item descriptions are a bit off now. Most are still recognizable but for example pants are skirts now and you just have to pretend that there are flowers called silver and gold crown. Here is the Download link I included the gimp files for easier editing. If you want, you can freely edit, update and upload your edits.

How Do you Install mods?

Great. Love the stuff, would love to potentially include it in a future update if you’re okay with that. Got any things for male outfits you’d like to have? Because we’re dying for more unique clothing options. We told everyone that clothing was 100% based on fan submissions and almost no one did so, stuff like this helps a ton.


Sure, go right ahead! Beware though that the clothes do not line up at all with the base game sprites as I made them from scratch so I don’t know how you how you would use them. If you would like to use them instead of the base spites, I could, however, port the things I haven’t done for this mod like the lords armor or, crowns or alt jumpsuits. I didn’t do them because I wanted mainly skirts lol. I have not worked on any male sprites yet but I thought about making a male version of the mod for people to use with less flowers and skirts.


If you by chance have a discord, I would love to talk to you about the idea more!


I’m sorry if this is stupid but how do I add these to the game?


This is beautifully designed, but unfortunately the download link is not working for me. I even downloaded the extension suggested by the MEGA site and, while the page loaded a little more, it did not go all the way. Is there anyway you could put the files on another site?

Edit: If anybody else is having this problem, the solution on this YouTube video worked for me:

Edit 2: Awesome, got it all up and it’s working great! Thanks a ton, it’s beautiful!