How do I get delta liepard

Does it have to be midnight or smth?

Delta Liepard is a Delta Pokémon that appears northeast of the Pokémon Center at night. However, until the player talks to a number of the city’s inhabitants, it will appear as a shadow and cannot be captured. Refer to the list below to find the characters needed for Delta Liepard to become obtainable.

Talk to the old man in the Pokémon Center and answer “no” to his question.
Enter the house next to the Cresselia Statue and talk to the man that describes it as having the head of a fox.
Talk to the person next to the PikaTaxi that describes it as wrapped in smoke and having the torso of a chicken.
Talk to the girl in the house to the right of the Pokémon Center who describes it as having limbs like a tiger
Interact with the shadow at this point, which will flee immediately.
Talk to the boy that appears next to the gym and describes it as having the tail of a snake.
Interact with the shadow again, which will now be able to be captured.

Ok thanks!

Wait… it isn’t even there. The shadow isn’t there. Does it have to be midnight?

I think it has to be midnight, yeah

frick I can’t do it. My computer shuts off at 10:30 and I can’t get back on

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I think it may also work at like 10 pm or smth

Maybe 8 pm

night is considered 8pm to 4 am

so yeah midnight works ig

sry copyed from discord


Oh but I tried yesterday and the shdow wasn’t there at all

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Yesterday night

did u tried talking to that characters

I will try again. I talked to a few though

try going in order (talking)

oh ok

becareful in catching it, its REALLY fragile, even to non effective moves.

ok i can use a master ball

what? no dont! i just said to be careful.