Holiday Season Giveaway

Trading Name: megastone

Offer: Bred Mons

Request: Nothing, but IV stones don’t go unappreciated

Further info: For the holiday season, I’ll offer bred mons with nature, abilities and moves of your choice! All of them will be 5IV and only one bred mon per person. I’ll take orders until January 3rd!

Trading Name: Sugarbun

Request: Mawlie

Nature : Adamant

Moveset: Sucker Punch Play Rough Crunch Fake Tears

Ability: Hyper Cutter

also, let me be the first to say thanks for doing this! :smile:

Could i get a 5iv Jolly gible and good egg moves idk what it gets but could it have iron head dragon claw earthquake and swords dance if possible. Thanks!

All of those are level up moves, are you sure you want it?

Swords dance is unavailable at the moment, but otherwise sure

Okay, thanks so much!

Oh that’s right tell you want I’ll just take the Nature and Ability and I’ll take it from there

Your gible is ready, mention me on discord when you can trade

I can trade rn just let me get on insurgence and discord

Your mawile is ready

Ready to trade when you are

Trading Name: Dunno

Request: Dratini

Nature : Adamant

Moveset: Dragon Pulse, Dragon Rush, Aqua Tail, Supersonic (doesn’t have to be all this, just prefered.)

Ability: Marvel Scale

Trading Name: Xyleos Request: Larvitar Nature: Adamant Moveset: Stealth rock, pursuit, 2 other moves i want is obtainable through evolve so no need. Ability: Sand Stream

Uhm if its possible can you do me a second pokemon? the exact froakie you bred on your team. I’ll throw in an IV stone. If you don’t want to that’s fine, i’ll just take the freebie :slight_smile:

Also is it possible that the pokemon you breed for me are female?

Trading Name: NappingSnorlax

Request: Sneasel

Nature: Jolly

Moveset: Knock off, Icicle crash, Ice shard, and Poison jab (if possible)

Ability: Keen eye or Inner focus (preferably, however not needed)

TY for the giveaway! :smiley:

Trade Name: HunterX Request: Ditto Nature: Timid/jolly/adamant/modest (prefer timid) Ability: Imposter

You can’t breed a ditto, hunter.

Ooh nvm then

Can I have a Talonflame please. Adamant. Gale Wings. Brave Bird, Swords Dance, roost, and falre blitz. Also, When will you have it ready by? I leave on a trip and wont have my computer after about 3 eastern time tomorrow. I know short notice, but I can give IV stone(s) if it can be done in time

May I request for a Talonflame as well. Adamant Gale Wings w/ Swords Dance, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, and Roost? Happy Holidays man and big thanks! Trade Name: leolannister, will be at discord.

p.s. how do u guys do these giveaways. @megastone

Trading Name: Siddharth7775 Request :Fletchling Nature:Impish Moveset :Acrobatics, Roost (other moves are U-turn and will-o-wisp, but they are unavailable) Ability gale wings Further info: I can give you a 5IV eevee with cvurse and wish for the good job you’re doing, and as a small present on my part)