Hidden Grottoes Shiny Hunting

Can you soft reset in front of the Pokémon? For example on route 3, I am stood in side the Hidden Grotto, in front of a Charmander, I have soft reset over 5000 times, and not had a single shiny.

[I have tested and confirmed that soft resetting in front of the Charmander allows it to change gender and nature etc, so I just assumed it has a chance of being shiny aswell]


Do you have to soft reset outside of the grotto and walk in???

If anyone can show me evidence of themselves getting a shiny in the grotto by soft resetting in front of the Pokémon inside that would be grrrreeeeaaat!!!

Stay Safe peeps (insert peacesign)

You can save in front of the Pokemon and then SR till it’s shiny.


Thank you Gia xoxo

i dont have evidence because i failed the shiny but i encountered a shiny delta muchlax in grotto 8 iirc

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accidentally soft resetted on it. im still salty about it even after half a year lol

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oh no!! I’m sorry to hear that bro haha. How many soft resets did it take you before you encountered the shiny???

He was very lucky and got it in like 100< SRs , if i recall correctly

thank you for the response btw!

I’m on like 6000 soft resets :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

it was like 500-600 ish. so youre not far off lol

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please tell me you meant to add another zero? so 5000-6000 lol

nah i actually got it in like 500 encs lol. but then i failed it at couldnt encounter again even after 6000 k attempts lol

omg that’s so peak haha my hat goes off to you for persisting :sob: :sob: :sob:

that was also my longest hunt ever lol

i’m basically on 7000 now and I still haven’t had seen a single shiny charmander :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

delta charmander?

no i am inside the hidden grotto on route 3 haha

then you probably should hunt it in a friend safari. its in slot 2 which gets unlocked after th 6th gym. if you havent unlocked that yet, then gl with your hunt

I haven’t unlocked it yet :frowning: and thankyou for the help Bogga! good luck with your stuff :slight_smile:

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Hmm, well, I went 15k encs for a shiny beldum on unbound…and never got it because supposedly my save had a problem. And I went for 2 years for a shiny sandile on pokemon sun. You’ll get it eventually mate. I believe.

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