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Haven’t been on here for as long as I remember…what’s up?

Not much. The Forums are basically dead at this point.
Most of the posts are either questions or trade requests these days, with the occasional mass Delta dump sprinkled in, courtesy of @Borosepheles.

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Also, Jojo says hi. He’s…changed. Like, a lot. It’s freaky.

Anyways, I’m not really gonna be active a lot…I’m busy lmao

Hey Steel! Been a while, what have you been up to?

Anyways, if you guys wanna know what Jojo’s been up to check out his Genius account.

that means that its not dead there wont be as much people here as for example a minecraft forum

Yo, hello

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Yo How are you


I forgot you had to do this ■■■■

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I’m very meh tbh. What about you?
Tell jojo i said hi btw

same, meh

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Before it was really social. Now, there’s maybe a post a day, at most. So much less active than when Pia was last on.

Definitely has. I haven’t been up to much. Just regretting life choices. What about you?

Anyways, if you guys wanna know what Jojo’s been up to check out his Genius account.

That’s Jojo’s Genius? Where’d the “Nigel” come from?
Also, how’s he doing anyway? He suddenly deleted his Discord account a few months back, and I was honestly a bit worried. Lastly, if you could tell him I said hey, I’d appreciate it.

His middle name is…we still don’t know what it truly means. So he changed it in 2nd grade to Nigel, because his real middle name starts with an N.

I think he lied to you guys about that, think he said it was an E…I’m not sure. It’s a blur.

Also, Jojo completely deleted his discord. All the servers, everything. This was like, 6 months ago.

It was getting a little…toxic for him. He had to jump ship lmao


Yeah, that’s what I was asking about.

…I’m not sure I get what you’re talking about.

Yeah, that’s fair. Social media of any kind will always be toxic, unfortunately.

Jojo writes music now. Like, about everything. Some of it is sad, some happy, some cute, some weird. Like that one he wrote about peppa pig…

By the way, Jojo said he just saw someone named Steel like one of his posts.


Yeah, that’d be me. Figured “why the hell not” and created a Genius. No idea what the heck I’m doing, but oh well.

Lol, it’s good.

He didn’t read your account name though, what was it?

Never mind, I found it.