Hey...it's been a while!

Help you already have 2 followers :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

They’re only bots. Specifically, they’re advertisements for… risqué sites. I’d rather not have them.

Look, Jojo followed you back!

Nice. Mind telling him I said thanks?

I mean, you can message him yourself on the website, but he does say “no problem! good to see u again!”

So DMs are a thing on Genius. Good to know.

It’s called Messages lol

Also Jojo just gave you 3 new followers lmao

Yeah… Not sure how I feel about that…
I mean, I’m not gonna be that active, and I’ll likely stick to Jpop bios if anything. I’m grateful and all, I just don’t know how to react other than “shocked.”

lol I feel that.

So how has everyone else been?