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Here's my introduction

I’ve been here for 22d but might as well do it now! Hello, I’m DevilishDragon I have played Pokemon for as long as I can remember but started with Pokemon Black and I haven’t really tried any competitive play but I have beaten Insurgence once and started doing a challenge run I want to say about a week ago and have really gotten a lot of help from the community specifically @Aren @ezlaturbo @PeterHolmes74 @Tonio_Trolha @Aj2005 @JojoBoss247 @Rihkabar and @Aki but I want to thank you all for being a helpful, accepting, and friendly community!!!




I am a good boi.


Todos los personas copian mi en la Insurgence Forums.

No one copies you

Dos personas hacen introducciones despues yo hago introducciones. EN UN DIA

Okay but why make two in a day?

I didnt even know that you exist so how or why would i have copied you and this is a literal topic that has its own section so they are all going to be similar

Yo tengo cero amigos. :pensive: