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Help w Mac download

so this is like my third time redownloading insurgence and you would think I would know what to do but I don’t. I’ve never seen this but my terminal says Error: Cask ‘wine-stable’ conflicts with ‘wine-staging’ ive hunted my Mac and wine staging doesn’t exist. help is very appreciated thank u in advance

I have just the article for you… This also helps with other windows games on a mac. Guide to downloading on Mac

thanks so much so far its working im downloading the core rn

Yeah that part takes the longest

your error is because we changed wine braches as wine-staging began breaking things and you will need to run
curl -S "" | bash
curl -S "" | bash

so far this is what I’m stuck at (also idk if the image uploaded)

@Levi506 sry for the ping but can you help me if u can