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Help w Mac download

so this is like my third time redownloading insurgence and you would think I would know what to do but I don’t. I’ve never seen this but my terminal says Error: Cask ‘wine-stable’ conflicts with ‘wine-staging’ ive hunted my Mac and wine staging doesn’t exist. help is very appreciated thank u in advance

I have just the article for you… This also helps with other windows games on a mac. Guide to downloading on Mac

thanks so much so far its working im downloading the core rn

Yeah that part takes the longest

your error is because we changed wine braches as wine-staging began breaking things and you will need to run
curl -S "" | bash
curl -S "" | bash

so far this is what I’m stuck at (also idk if the image uploaded)

@Levi506 sry for the ping but can you help me if u can

Hey-o! So apologies for the late response, but just here to try and help troubleshoot a little! As Levi said, the old installation used Wine Staging, however, we’ve moved to update the download to use Wine Stable, which is why he recommended you to run those two commands, as it cleans up and reinstalls the packages necessary to run the game.

If everything went smoothly, it should guide you through a few different steps in Terminal, and occasionally will ask you for your password. It’ll look as if you’re not typing anything in, but it just hides characters for security, and will still let you type it in.

In the screenshot you sent, it looks like everything at least had gone smoothly so far. Did you try restarting your computer and running the Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command file? That’s the normal process to follow to run Insurgence through the Terminal download.

A few troubleshooting questions and answers!

“I can’t find the .command file to run on my computer?”

  • Search your computer for a folder called pkmn_insurg! You may need to filter your search to search the entirety of your Mac, rather than just Recent images. You can find an example of the folder here!
    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 12.47.39 AM

“I found the pkmn_insurg folder, but there’s no .command file in there to run?”

  • Download the script from here! It should show up as a script of code, so hit Command+S to save the shell script. Save it as
  • Move into the pkmn_insurg folder, and rename it Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command.
  • Try opening the file then!
  • If it still doesn’t work for you, or tells you that you don’t have adequate permission to open the file, run chmod +x Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command within the Terminal, then try opening the .command file again.

“I’ve tried all the following, but I still can’t get it to work?”

  • Go into your pkmn_insurg folder, then into the folder titled drive_c
  • Within this folder, there should be a subfolder called Program Files x86, open this and search for a folder titled Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core or Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5
  • If you can’t find any such folder, download the Windows Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core from here! Extract the .zip file by double clicking on the file.
  • Open the Core folder, and locate the file called Game.exe, and right click the file! Select “Open with Wine Stable” and it should let you run the game through Wine, assuming you’re on a version of Mac before Catalina!
  • If you experience any issues with the game crashing upon hearing the Gengar or Mew’s cry, go into your Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core, then into the folder titled Audio, then into the SE subfolder. It will give you the option to sort by Kind. Delete all the .mp3 files from the SE folder, and try and boot up the game again.
    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.00.20 AM
    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.00.36 AM
    Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 1.06.40 AM

I know this was a lot of information to take in all at once, so if you ever need help, please let me know! Feel free to respond either to this thread or DM me on Discord at Crimson#4138 and I’ll be happy to help out!

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Crim u are literally a lifesaver. it now says the Run-Pokémon-Insurgence.command does not exist. I might have skipped a step but I don’t think I did

If you still can’t get the .command file to work, try the steps under this part of my post to run the game using Wine Stable! :>

one minor problem theres no pkmn_insurg. folder…

Yeah, you don’t need the pkmn_insurg folder to run the game using Wine Stable, just download the Windows Core from the page that I linked, and download Wine Stable, and extract both, then run Game.exe within the Pokemon Insurgence 1.2.5 Core using Wine Stable.

it works. Thank u so much also ill be ready for that beldum in a few min

Ive been trying to install insurgence for a while now and ive tried everything in the discord server but when i try to install the 6th step it doesn’t work, are there any fixes to this?