Help request

Trading Name: kamikaze1725

Offer: anything

Request: anything

Further info: i need mons to help with E4 please i have a team of lvl 120s

I could get you a timid delta ralts

Wat is ur team

this man has serious dedication bro lv 120 pokemon omg

Umm, u really don’t need lvl 120s, only 85, as they will adjust to your level anyways.

i dont think he knows that…

ive not read up on any of this stuff i just played the game. but my team is Delta Gardevoir lvl 120 with Mega stone, Giratina, mew delta metagross Ruin Delta haxorus and i havent decided on a 6th

If you want help with a team, create a new thread and list the sets and nature.

i think im more asking for trades if anyone has any mons that would help me in my particular situation

I can get you a Spidergross, it’s very helpful for Reukra

that would be sweet

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