{HELP} Electric Type

hey guys. What electric type pokemon should I replace with Electivire? I can’t have Delta Ralts because it’s gone now


Rotom can be quite versatile.

That’s a good point, rotom wash is a solid pokemon too

Where can i find a rotom?

press ‘c’/‘enter’/‘space’ on any tv in the game enough times and it’ll eventually make you verse a rotom at the same level as your highest pokemon in your party. essentially just spam ‘c’ on a tv. and if you want a low level rotom so you can get it ev’s as it levels then only use like a level 1 pokemon in your party

Thanks. really appreciate it. What’s the best Rotom form and how to change into it?

washing machine form by far. go to the cave under the kepler city gym and click on the washing machine whilst rotom is in your party


no problem man

Magnezone, Jolteon, Rotom, Thundurus, Ampharos (mega), Galventula, Elektross, and Heliolisk.
You got that many choices, so pick according to what your team needs.

thanks. I chose rotom wash :slight_smile:

good idea he’s in OU tier so he’s a solid choice

Good thing i got the right choice then. Do u think I should change Flygon to something else? I’m not sure with my team yet…

depends what you’re looking for in place of flygon

My team is D. Venusaur, Swampert, Typhlosion, Rotom Wash, Gengar and Flygon

Personally I reckon you keep flygon. he’s a good pokemon and he fits the rest of your team

Hm alright. I guess he needs better moves to make him better. (Is my team okay? I tried to have more types)

well i like to create my teams around style of pokemon then think of type. like i try to run 1 set-up pokemon, 2 wall pokemon and 3 sweepers. My end team (once i’m done leveling them up) is gonna be: Aegislash (Sweeper), Togekiss (sweeper), Greninja (Sweeper), Shuckle (Wall), D.Charizard (Wall/Sweeper), Forretress (set-up). I try to balance towards sweepers because they’re fun, use a wall or two as a safety precaution, and have a setup just to make the battle easier. Aegislash is by far the most fun to use haha

The type coverage of these pokemon will be: Ghost/Fighting, Fairy/Flying, Water/Ice/Psychic/Poison, Rock/Bug, Ghost/Dragon, Steel/Bug (but this typing doesn’t matter coz its just a set up pokemon)