Hello! Im Aki!

So I recently started this offer where I’ll get any items you NEED, for free! I know its crazy, usually people ask for Iv stones, legends, shinies, etc! But the only thing I want is for you to spread the kindness! What is included in this offer? Moves that you can’t get! (Tms, egg moves or anything else you can’t get at the moment), bred pokemon, (I can get you deltas, pokemon, maybe legends!), or a certain item! (Eviolite, evolution stones, etc.) What isn’t included are shinies! Until I get a stable amount, I can’t offer them yet! Okay so how to get your offer in? Well, some of you may know me on our awesome discord server! You can dm me from there, or ping me! I’ll make sure to answer in a reasonable amount of time! You can also do it on this forum! I hope to help all of you in some way or another! Have a nice day/night!
Edit: Pokerus giving is now available! Also my hours on Pokemon insurgence are from 12:00pm PST to 8:00pm PST Just dm me at Akiboo❤#6355, trade name is Akichu! (I perfer dm so that the forum post doesn’t get crowded)


Iv stones, legends, shinies, etc!noo way . how the heck r u goin to give legends which is 1 per save.but no prob .what’z your discord id . ur doing a very good social service :grin:


Sorry was asleep, my discord is Aki❤#6355, you can look at my profile and my discord should be there!


You are a really nice person to give away this stuff :smile: can i request for a bred delta?


hello i’d like to request a calm bulbasaur with a venusaurite! thank you!
if possible, can you give it the TM moves Energyball and Sludge bomb, and the move tutor Knock Off? Thanks!


Im sorry If I’ve declined ur friend requests on discord, I didn’t know you’d friend me lol, thought you’d message! If I declined your friend request! Resend, And I’ll ask why you sent a friend request!

I can help you, dm me on discord, or specify which delta!

oh, nonnonono
i was just sayig before that he asked something
on the wrong category
and then i see the category of this post and just
deleted my message
(witch i’m gonna do again)
sorry for any problem caused
it was just a typo

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oop, Okay

Don’t be shy!

Oops, my bad! I didn’t know mega stones were only 1 of each, I thought the ones from Battle Frontier could be purchased multiple times. i’ll try getting the stone myself

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where were u 3 years ago @ImNotReal


First, that is a really nice of u Aki! Second, may I request 4 mons, need them for the pokedex :sweat_smile: , I am Looking For Delta kabuto, Delta drifloon, Delta treecko, Delta Tangela and… Nvm that is it lol. They don’t need to have good ivs at all, as I said, I only need them for the pokedex lmao, If u need anything else other that kindness lmk know lol


hi aki may i get/trade any pokemon with pokerus pokemon because i really like it,anyways my trade name is : Jesaya

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Awesome! I’ll get em breeding right now! I’ll take this to our dms

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Sure, pokerus coming ur way! Do you have discord?

sorry i dont have discord

You don’t? I’ll take this to private msg then!

anyways when you can trade?

hey, are you by chance the person that gave me a lvl 120 kyurem a week ago?