Hello Everyone!

Hey, nice to meet you all! I’m Asylian (obviously not my real name). Anyways, here’s some facts about me:

  1. I used to be in the Army National Guard, but now I’m a college student.
  2. I’ve played every mainstream Pokemon game to date. I completed the pokedex in all of them too.
  3. I’m @Steelman2004’s cousin. Not nearly as good at spriting as he is though.
  4. My favorite Pokemon is Metagross, particularly Ruingross.
  5. I write fanfiction in my free time. Nothing’s finished yet though.

And that’s really all you need to know about me.


Nice to see you actually accepted my invite. About time.


That is noice! Steel is a very cool person and I expect you to be cool too! Enjoy your stay!!

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Thanks! Like your profile pic, by the way. Araquanid is one of my favorite shinies. Took me forever to find one.

Btw, what is the army like?

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I love me some scubabug.

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aDrive ref lol.

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I don’t really know what the “main” Army I guess is like. I never actually saw combat. I was part of the National Guard.

Army is army and I salute you.

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Agreed. You’re a hero in my book. I could never join any part of the Army.

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You can do anything you believe you can do. Like, I never thought I’d get to go to college. Yet here I am now.

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Why not?

YOU are a hero in my book. Man, 2 people from your family are heroes. @Asylian22 and you.

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Never paid attention in class, thought school was boring, you know how it is.

Wow. I am (as Steel calls it) in hell and I guess I have some stuff in common with you.

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Thank you. Seems like you found a good friend @Steelman2004.

Check dis out.

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Nice to meet you, Fire. Personally, I don’t watch YouTube, nor can I get through a book that’s more than 50 pages.

I have played every main series game too. But I have never completed a dex. I love Toucannon. Also Krookodile and Flygon is a close third. And i wrote the story for the game me, @Steelman2004, and some others are working on. So we have a lot in common.

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Toucannon is probably my 3rd favorite regional bird. Staraptor is my first and Swellow is my second.

Sorry Corviknight is my second, Swellow is my third. But out of shinies, Toucannon is easily my favorite.