Heart Scales

Hey guys, Are there any ways of finding Heart Scales. So i can teach moves from previous lvls?

There’s a chance of dropping them by smashing rocks at any caves

In addition to dropping from smashing rocks, you can obtain them in other ways as well.

  • Collect 10 flags in friend safaris, talk to the flag guy in your(or someone else’s) secret base, you get 3 heart scales.

  • There’s an NPC in Suntouched City who gives you two heart scales if you have jigglypuff in your party.

  • Fish for luvdiscs in Midna mine with a good rod. Have a fainted Compound Eyes pokemon leading, followed by a Frisk pokemon with Covet/Thief/Trick/Switcheroo to make it the easiest.

  • Pokepon also has heart scales as a possible reward.

  • You can grind using pickup ability, with the pickup pokemon at level 50 or above.

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