Have they made any other games?

I’m just curious, i’m not done with insurgence at all yet. Pokemon Insurgence seems like one of the best fangames ever made, I think it would be a shame if such a good team doesn’t make another game? Does anyone know if they have or are or will make another game of the same excellent quality? I heard that zeta and omicron was a game made by some of them previously, but I have also heard that Insurgence is a much better game.

I think that some insurgence devs are working on a game called Pokemon Epsilon, I am not sure tho

They have also made Pokémon zeta/omicorn

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read their post lmao

Theyre making something called pokemon azurite

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I am pretty sure no insurgence devs work on azurite. These games are just having a cross over, with Taen being in Azurite

im pretty sure in august they said they are still working on it

Zeta and Omicron was the first game, then Insurgence, then Epsilon. There are plenty of other good devs and fangames, like Charizard3.

thanks everyone for your comments, I plan on checking some of your game suggestions after I finish insurgence

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