Good fangames

I just really like insurgence but I also want to try other games, so please put in your best fangames you can find. Ones that don’t need a emulator please.

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HitMon Jam! is a nice short one for some laughs, Empyrean and Uranium have a cool story and some cool new mons, and Gemstone and Old Amber are good for a challenge. I personally like Charizard3’s short game series, with Attack on Silph Co, and Attack on the Space Station. Some shorter, surprisingly difficult games are Castaway and Circular Knowledge, both from Game Jams.

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pretty sure this belongs more in off topic but, to answer your question I’d say Empyrean, Rejuvenation, ZO, and Uranium are decent picks.

If you want to get into roms I’d suggest radical red and clover (it is really offensive though so keep that in mind)

If you’re looking for a good story and a challenge I’d recommend playing Pokemon Reborn, it can be pretty difficult and is a true test of strength for most players. People seem to either love it or hate it but overall I’d say it’s really good.