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HAHAHA its memes... Oh... Memejuvforms

Well well well… Seems I have a bad/good habit of playing games that causes pain

download link: Pokemon Memejuvforms (Mod) - Guides & Resources - Reborn Evolved

What the game offers:


by Moto#6624

alt forms by bluetowel!


Essentially Memeforms but in Rejuv - Significantly harder battles, with the Alt Forms mod included. Also new Crests.

Contains all Alt Forms up to v0.6, and all Plate interactions OTHER THAN the following:
Damp + Splash Plate = activates Heavy Rain for 2 turns on entry
Magma Armor + Flame Plate = activates Extremely Harsh Sunlight for 2 turns on entry
Sniper + Toxic Plate is the unnerfed version, making all Poison moves crit

Almost all set up (stat boosting) moves have 1 PP, with the weaker ones having 2 PP.

Plates no longer increase the damage of their specific move type when held.

Plate Ability interactions now work with type boosting items, such as Black Glasses. This allows you to get the 1.2x damage boost while still having the interaction.

MANY various changes to stats/moves/typings/abilities of alt forms, view altforms.txt for details.

Route 2 is accessible before Venam.

You can now buy type boosting items at Gearen Lab after beating the 5th gym.

Evolution stone/item vendors appear in Gearen Lab after the 4th and 7th gyms.

A Crest shop appears in Gearen Lab after the 7th gym.

Hidden Power tutor is in Gearen Park.


Hustle no longer decreases accuracy, and instead decreases both defenses by 20%.

Dragon Rush is 100% accurate

Poison Sweep is now 60 BP

Tailwind is now -6 priority

Leaf Storm/Draco Meteor/Overheat only boost Special Attack once in combination with Contrary

Fairy no longer resists Shadow, and Shadow is no longer weak to Fairy

Amplifield Rock now makes Trick Room last only 1 additional turn

Cold Truth now boosts Special Attack for each target it hits, is 100% accurate, has 100 BP, and no longer freeze.

Bewitched Woods field now activates Grass Pelt

A certain ability now does something special on Desert Field.

Needle Arm now gets a 2x boost on Desert, instead of 1.5x.

Dimensional Field now makes Power Trip increase by 40 BP for each stat boost instead of 20

New World Field no longer halves the speed of grounded Pokemon

Rainbow Field no longer exists

Motor Drive now increases speed on entry in Factory and Short Circuit fields

Gigavolt Havoc no longer changes Factory to Short Circuit and vice versa

Frozen Dimensional Field now takes 2 uses an appropriate fire move to change the field into Dimensional

Arenite Wall can now be activated on Cave Field and lasts 8 turns on Cave Field

Razor Shell is now boosted on Fairy Tale Field

Murkwater Surface now takes 2 uses of Blizzard to freeze the field.

Magical Seed on Dimensional Field no longer activates Trick Room, and boosts Defense by 2 stages instead of 1.

Telluric Seed on Cave Field now boosts Defense and Special Defense by 1 stage, blows away hazards from the user’s side, and decreases Speed by 2 stages.

Rift Seed now boosts Attack and Speed instead of boosting the holders highest stat by 2.

Elemental Seed on Sky Field no longer summons Tailwind and lowers defenses; it instead boosts both offenses by 1 stage.

Emboar is now Fire/Ground

Druddigon is now Dragon/Fairy

Mismagius is now Ghost/Fairy

Rampardos is now Rock/Electric

Mega Rayquaza now has Multiscale as ability 1

There a few new forms;

Dragon/Normal Dragonite

Bug/Fighting Kommo-o

Dragon/Fairy Garchomp

Rock/Grass Tyranitar

View altforms.txt for details about them


A guy gives you Shieldons by the Route 1 train station

You can no longer find Gulpin in the Abandoned Sewers (you can get Swalot in the Deep Sewers after the Maria fight)

Treecko static encounter on Route 4

Sableye static encounter in a new area in the Forest of Time

Timburr static encounter in a new area connected to Route 4

Alt Wailord static encounter in a new area connected to Route 4

Sandygast static encounter in a new area connected to Route 4

Alt Amaura static encounter in the Tower of Theolia

Alt Spiritomb ‘event’ at the Forgotten Hill

Goomy event in a new cave in Past Route 4


Variable 228:

0 - Azurill with Drain Punch
1 - Alt Druddigon with Matrix Shot
2 - Alt Absol with Gear Grind
3 - Togepi with Aeroblast
4 - Sneasel with Close Combat
5 - Alt Litwick with Ice Beam
6 - Joltik with Nasty Plot
7 - Axew with Jump Kick
8 - Alt Mienfoo with Thunderbolt
9 - Pawniard with Fire Lash
10 - Alt Trapinch with Mat Block
11 - Mudbray with Shore Up
12 - Turtwig with Gravity
13 - Darumaka with Wood Hammer
14 - Alt Solosis with Work Up
15 - Starly with Flare Blitz
16 - Relicanth with Heavenly Wing
17 - Croagunk with Hyperspace Fury
18 - Vulpix with Baton Pass
19 - Tauros with Flare Blitz
20 - Tyrogue with Meteor Mash


Beautifly Crest - Multiplies Sp. Attack by 1.1. Gives you the effects of Gale Wings and Technician.

Dustox Crest - Multiplies Sp. Defense by 1.3. Sp. Attack now scales off of Sp. Defense. Poison type attacks used by Dustox are now super effective against Steel types.

Drampa Crest - Makes Drampa faster the lower their health is. Maxes out at 3x speed when 33% health or below.

Delibird Crest - Makes Present 200 BP, and gives Delibird Refrigerate.

Mightyena Crest - Raises Mightyena’s speed and accuracy by 1 stage upon KOing an opponent.

Dewgong Crest - Gives Dewgong the effect of 2 Stockpiles permanently.

Kecleon Crest - Adaptabilty.

Chimecho Crest - Chimecho now boosts allies attacks by 30%, their accuracy by 20%, makes them take 30% less damage, and heals their status effects at the end of each turn.

Seaking Crest - Swift Swim now doubles attack instead of speed.

Mamoswine Crest - Makes Angie’s Battle music play and increases the power of Ice type moves by 20%.

Wigglytuff Crest - Gives the effect of Fluffy

Flareon Crest - Automatically Burns Flareon and increases its speed by 20%

Samurott Crest - Increases the power of slash/cut moves by 50%.

Emboar Crest - Heals Emboar for 25% HP and Increases Speed by 1 stage upon KOing an opponent.

Jolteon Crest - Jolteon does more damage the faster it is than the opponent. Maxes out at 1.5x damage when you are 1.5x faster than the opponent.

Vaporeon Crest - Vaporeon automatically activates Aqua Ring, and heals more from it. Heals for 1/12th instead of 1/16th.

Espeon Crest - Espeon can hit dark types supereffectively with psychic attacks.

Purugly Crest - Nullifies damage from Fighting moves and boosts Attack when hit by one.

Umbreon Crest - Enemies who damage Umbreon take type scaling Poison damage. (inspired from the dex entry)

Tropius Crest - Tropius eats its own fruit at the end of each turn, granting various boosts. Costs 1/8th HP each turn to eat a fruit.

Throh Crest - Gives Throh +4 priority on its first move

Froslass Crest - Gives the effect of Technician and increases both offenses by 30%

Delcatty Crest - Delcatty activates Follow Me whenever using a damaging move. Increases both defenses by 30%.

Carbink Crest - Stealth Rocks set by Carbink deal an additional hit of Fairy damage

Serperior Crest - Swaps Attack and Speed

Stunfisk Crest - Paralyzes attackers who damage Stunfisk

Electrode Crest - Electrode explodes at the end of each turn, dealing 25% damage to all Pokemon on the field, including itself.

Gastrodon Crest - Increases Gastrodon’s Defense and Special Attack by 30%.

Probopass Crest - All moves hit 3 times. Additional hits are 30% power.

Emolga Crest - Gives the effect of Aerilate and increases attack by 20%

Beartic Crest - Adds Water typing, Fighting moves are increased in power by 50%, and gives immunity to stat drops


Giratina Crest - Summons Dimensional Field for 3 turns and makes Giratina resist Dark

Yveltal Crest - Summons New World Field for 99 turns

Honchkrow Crest - Increases Speed by 50% and gives +3 Crit

Mismagius Crest - Lowers all of the opponents stats by 1 stage on switch in

There is also a certain new thing that has base stats of [70,175,70,115,70,70]. You’ll know it when you see it.


Many Crests can be purchased at a vendor in Gearen Lab that appears after the 7th gym

Mamoswine Crest - Tower of Theolia

Emolga Crest - Teila Resort

Carbink Crest - New area in the Forest of Time

Seaking Crest - New area connected to Route 4

Serperior Crest - Botanical Garden

Emboar Crest - Botanical Garden

Samurott Crest - Botanical Garden

Beartic Crest - In a building in GDC

Drampa Crest - New cave in Past Route 4

Stunfisk Crest - Zorrialyn Labyrinth

Tropius Crest - Zorrialyn Labyrinth

Kecleon Crest - Keta rematch

Delcatty Crest - Marianette rematch

Gastrodon Crest - Valarie rematch

Dewgong Crest - Angie rematch

Chimecho Crest - Amber rematch

Electrode Crest - Erick rematch


All battleable after obtaining Fly

Keta - Amethyst Grotto

Marianette - Melia’s Room

Narcissa - Goldenleaf Auditorium

Valarie - Akuwa Town

Crawli - Kakori Gym

Angie - Isle of Angels

Amber - Tesla’s Villa

Erick - West Gearen Gym

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Ahh yes the one choice is pain

will skip intro cuz its too long
quick recap:
you start off on a ship making ur trainer and go to a banquet where some team xen grunts blow up a ship and kidnap MC’s mom

time to choose a starter
WARNING: Failure to have a good reason(s) to choose the pokemon you pick will result in ur vote not being counted. I WILL NOT allow foolish choices that will make me have an incredible amount of pain(talking about my pokemon empyrean playthro where people chose the worst fusion and starter)

  • charmander
  • bulbasaur
  • squirtle
  • chicorita
  • cyndaquil
  • totodile
  • treeko
  • torchic
  • mudkip
  • turtwig
  • chimchar
  • piplup

0 voters

  • snivy
  • tepig
  • oshawott
  • chespin
  • fennekin
  • froakie
  • rowlet
  • litten
  • popplio

0 voters

WARNING: Failure to have a good reason(s) to choose the pokemon you pick will result in ur vote not being counted. I WILL NOT allow foolish choices that will make me have an incredible amount of pain(talking about my pokemon empyrean playthro where people chose the worst fusion and starter)

You can only vote in one poll

edit:removing the one poll vote since some people voted in 2 pols

PM me why you choose the starter of your choice

i said pm me

Mudkip and froakie are tied
chika,fennekin,cynda,torch,chim are tied for 2nd

will end polls on monday so people can research and pm on time

i going to flip a coin to choose a starter
heads is mudkip
tails is froakie

also someone please respond im going crazy

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also this game has built in debug menu to reduce grinding

adamant or impish

I would say Adamant, since you will use it more offensively in the adventure.

got to go somewhere might be back in a couple of hours

Ok cool

ok i’m back

Awesome, whats this about

Memejuvforms is like Memeforms in Rejuvenation!

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