Haha incredibly bored ask me to breed a mon

Trading Name: froggi_chair

Offer: Almost all deltas

Request: none

Further info:haha been playing clover recently but I wanna do S O M E T H I N G in insurgence because I’m kinda demotivated to complete my dex

Can you breed me a delta dratini and can I have a crystal fragment?

Crystal fragment: no

Dratini: yes

thanks then

it’s only 2:58 pm

Maybe 20 minutes if I’m lucky enough, although I may go to bed bc it’s pretty late rn

I give up on trying to catch delta metang spider. Can you breed?

Yea, I can let me finish with the dratini and I’ll get right to it

What nature do you want the dratini? Adamant, jolly , impish, modest, timid?

Can you breed me a missingno with a neutral nature?

sadly you cannot breed missingno OuO


Ok, haha, I got my prescription checked yesterday so I couldn’t play, but yea I’ll get you an adamant one

What nature? I’m guessing adamant, but your choice

can you breed me a delta aron

Yes, adamant? And do you want drought or flame body

I have the dratini

either one but i like flame body and i don’t care about the nature

Alright I have one for you right now actually

'kay i will go online later my trading name is my username