Good Team For Pokemon Rejuvenation

Hello All ,
I am planning to play Pokemon Rejuvenation v13 [My PC supports it now] .
So can anyone help me with team and movesets .

I plan to follow the team

  1. Blaziken
  2. Greninja
  3. Gardevoir
  4. Silvally
  5. Zygarde (not sure if it is best option)
  6. Idk which is good pokemon to put here

I am really confused now because I dont think this is good team .

  1. Which Pokemon to mega evolve
  2. Which form of Silvally is good for playthrough
  3. Last slot pokemon
  4. Is Zygarde good

Can anyone please help me .

@PeterHolmes74 and @ezlaturbo guys please help

Steelvally is the best here it seems, and Rillaboom if you can works nicely. Since you’re bringing Garde, use M. Garde. Zygarde is very nice as long as it’s 50 or complete, TArrows DD Sub Glare is an amazing set, you could go Coil over DD too. Rilla is nice here cuz it gives Zygarde more recovery as well as not nerfing its ground move. Also helps Blaziken and Steelvally with Ground moves.

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Thank You Very Much :pray: :pray: :pray:

But … There is a problem . Rillaboom is not available

Is it only up to Gen 7?

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No . Gen 8 is also there but grookey is a starter . I already took torchic .
Both Grookey and Torchic are only available as starters .

How about I use Venusaur since Rillaboom isn’t available

Or Is there any other good pokemon ?

Yeah and Decidueye is also available .
Which one is better Venusaur or Decidyeye .

I don’t know the game well enough to be much useful unfortunately.

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Oh . NP

Probably Venusaur, tho IDK what good Grass types you have access to.