Good team for going against the elite 4? Pt.2

Previously, I had asked if my current team was bad and got plenty of feedback. I didn’t have a lot of the pokemon recommended however (Typlosion, Volcarona, etc.) so I have tried to do the best to substitute them.

That image is from me just moving the pokemon from the pc into my party. They have not been trained yet to the proper level as they have been sitting in there for a while, however I just want to know if these are good substitutes. Thank you!

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Ayy, hello again! You can find Cyndaquil & Iits mega in Sonata City, just make sure you have a Druddigon on hand.

If you want a guide, there’s one that I and Jojo made. You should look it up because everyone seems to have trouble with the elite four

I did like 45% of this guide anyway.


You got a froblin in your throat?

What’s a froblin?

I made the guide