Giving away another holiday shiny!

Trading Name: Cow538 SantaClaus538

Offer: A shiny pokemon:


  1. Use your holiday spirit to guess what shiny pokemon it is, and what its nature is!

  2. Post below what your guess is.

  3. Don’t be loud or else you will go on the naughty list! Instead of filling up the North Pole with guesses, edit your previous post. If you don’t know how, there’s an edit button:

  4. Don’t be greedy! (I dare you to call me a hypocrite). Everyone only gets three guesses per day for the species, and for each of these can have three guesses for the nature. A good example of how to make guesses would be the first reply in this thread.

  5. But Santa! What’s a “day”? A day is when I post another hint as to what the shiny is.

  6. Hint?!?! Yes, I’ll be posting hints to what the shiny is. They will be in Further Info.

  7. Winner is the first person who guesses the species of the shiny, and the nature of the shiny. However, you must be exactly correct. If the shiny was Deino and you guessed Hydreigon, tough luck! No shiny for you. Also, the nature is not necessarily a beneficial nature.

  8. I keep posting hints until someone guesses it!

Further info:

######First Hint
The first hint is that the shiny is level sixteen.

#####Second Hint
The shiny is a pokemon that is unobtainable in Gen I main-series games. Examples would be Combusken, as it is only obtainable in Gen III and onwards, and Pawniard, as it is only obtainable in Gen V and onwards. Meowth and Gengar are examples of pokemon ruled out as they are obtainable in Gen 1.

####Third Hint

The shiny is part of a three-pokemon evolution family. For example, Trapinch, as it is part of the Trapinch -> Vibrava -> Flygon family. Examples of pokemon ruled out are Oddish, because there are four pokemon in its evolution family, Eevee, because there are nine pokemon in its evolution family, and Druddigon, because there is only one pokemon in its evolution family.

###Fourth Hint
Pokemon who are purely water, grass, dragon, or ground type are ruled out, pokemon who have one of those types are ruled out, pokemon who have two of those types are not ruled out. For example: Servine is ruled out, Krookodile is ruled out, but Kingdra is not ruled out.

The shiny is not acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, rather than in a joking or halfhearted manner.

The shiny is not displaying or proceeding from a lack of careful consideration of the possible consequences of an action.

The shiny is not showing a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment.

The shiny is not mild in temperament or behavior; kind or tender.

The shiny is not characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.

##Fifth Hint

The shiny, a member of the shiny’s evolution family, a mega evolution of a member of the shiny’s evolution family, or a combination of these previous three is banned from RU in competitive play. This means that one or more of the previously listed pokemon is BL2, UU, BL, OU, or Uber.

Examples include Beldum, as it’s evolution Metagross is UU, and Vibrava, as it’s evolution’s mega evolution is Uber. Swadloon is ruled out as all of its evolution line is fair game in RU.

BL2 -
UU -
BL -
OU -
Uber -

If you are confused about the tier something is in, PM me or ping me on discord.

Also, for you slowpokes, yesterday I ruled out the natures Quirky, Rash, Serious, Gentle, and Naive.


From today forward, due to the number of possibilities for the pokemon dwindling, everyone now gets only TWO guesses to the species and TWO guesses for the nature for each of those species.

Good luck guys! You’ll be having some fun with this for sure.

Day 1 Whismur: Modest, Timid, Hasty Magnemite: Timid, Modest, IDFK, Quirky Sableye: Impish, Bold, Jolly

Day 2: Whismur: Quirky, Adamant, Quiet Magnemite: Hasty, Quiet, Bold Geodude: Adamant, Careful, Jolly

Day 3: Gible: Impish, Jolly, Naive Whismur: Impish, Jolly, Bold Roggenrola: Hasty, Bold, Adamant

Day 4: Gible: Lonely, Hardy, Lax Whismur: Quiet, Adamant, Quiet Machop: Adamant, Hasty, Naughty

Day 5: Gible: Sassy, Calm, Bashful Gabite: Mild, Relaxed, Lax Horsea: Quirky, Hasty, Bold

Keep in mind every day you have three guesses for the pokemon, and for each of these you get three nature guesses.

For example:

Day 1: Whismur; Modest, Timid, Hasty Escavalier; Adamant, Quirky, Relaxed Houndoom; Sassy, Timid, Docile

Hmm…I’ll give it a go

Day 1: Scyther: adamant, jolly, brave scizor, adament, jolly, naughty pinsir, adament, lonely, jolly

Day 2: Eevee: jolly, brave quirky bulbasaur: modest, mild, docile pikachu: modest, timid, hasty

Day 3: Charmeleon: adament, mild, modest porygon: modest, quiet, mild poliwhirl: modest, adament, serious

Day 4: starly: adament, jolly, hasty togetic: modest, mild, timid vibrava: adament, jolly, hasty

Day 5: fletchinder: adamant, careful, jolly whirlipede: jolly, adamant, hasty doublade: sassy, gentle, lonely

Day 6: combusken: naughty, adamant gabite: jolly, naive

Due to the new user limit hunterx told me his guess on discord:

Day 1 magikarp- timid, lonely, bold nuzleaf- timid, hardy, quiet whirlipede- quirky, hasty, relaxed

Day 2 Tyrunt- Impish, relaxed, lonely Furfrou- Sassy, hasty, naughty Eelekrik- Naive, bold, bashful

DAY1: Delta Ralts Modest, adamant, Timid Frogadier Timid, jolly, Day 5 Starly adamant, jolly Snorunt Timid, Naive, Jolly Monferno Jolly, Naive day 6 Pupitar Jolly, adamant

Day 1: delta phantump adamant, careful, impish Delta Bulbasaur sassy,Quiet, modest Totadile adamant, jolly, modest

k sure, dont make new posts though edit the previous one

just to be clear, when day 2 comes do we just edit our old post or make a new one?

edit the old one. I have a method for figuring out when things were edited so I can determine who made a guess first.

Day 1: Combusken: Adamant, rash, jolly Noibat: Timid, modest, adamant Charmeleon: Timid, jolly, bold

Day 2: Quilava: Timid, serious, modest Shelgon: Curious, adamant, jolly Gabite: Adamant, rash, bold

Day 3: (im going to say the same mons, i wanna get one of these :D) Quilava: Mild, quiet, docile Shelgon: Naughty, brave, bold Gabite: Jolly, naughty serious

Day 4: Lombre: Modest, timid, rash Gabite: Adamant, brave, bold Palpitoad: Modest, timid, bold

Day 5: Gabite: Modest, timid, hardy Shelgon: Modest, naughty, hardy Lombre: jolly, bold, adamant

Day 1: Mankey: jolly, adamant, naughty Mienfo: jolly, naive, timid Heracross: adamant, jolly, brave Sorry

Day 1: Mienfo: jolly, naive, timid

uh can you please edit your first post with guesses not make more posts

edit the first comment and put all 3 guesses in the comment

Day 1: Heracross: adamant, jolly, brave

Day 1

Buizel Adamant/Careful/Jolly

Skrelp Modest/Calm/Impish

Tentacool Bold/Timid/Docile

Day 2

Frogadier Quiet/Brave/Serious

Scizor Gentle/Mild/Bold

Skarmory Timid/Adamant/Bashful

Day 3 Frogadier Modest/Mild/Naive

Doublade Sassy/Brave/Adamant

Gabite Adamant/Naive/Jolly

Day 4

Whirlipede Adamant/Jolly/Lonely

Staravia Jolly/Modest/Impish

Dusion Modest/Calm/Quiet

Day 5 Kingdra Modest/Timid/Jolly

Froslass Timid/Jolly/Hasty

Quilava Hasty/Mild/Hardy

thanks for guessing guys