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Giving 5IV pokemon

Trading Name: Kafkinos

Offer: 5IV Mons including deltas

Request: IV Stone or Dream Mist (1 per pokemon
Rare candies or Heart Scales ( 2 per mon)
Mega Stones ( Can breed up to 9 mons for those)
Some Deltas
Base name is Kafkinos

Further info: Decided to make another topic like the previous one I made.

i have an iv stone do u have a 5iv delta aipom

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i actually dont care about its ivs coz i dont play competetive so if u dont have a 5iv one its fine

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Sure, I will tell ya when it is ready

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Ok thanks

he giape mjj told me that his non us ditto is with you for a delevry to me so can you please give it to me my trade id is Ash879

Heya! if the delta larvesta is ready Iā€™m ready to trade! how should i pass the IV stone over

By base, (name is Kafkinos)

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dont ghost me giape please

Who said I ghosted u? I am super busy these days

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