Give the EV Trainer Pokemon that give 2 EVs instead of 1

Battling Pokemon which give 2 EVs instead of 1 makes training a lot easier. With Power items, getting 252 EVs becomes a simple matter of 14 full battles with the EV trainer.

With the current system, you have to do 16 full battles with the EV trainer, and then train some EV you don’t want and reset it with a berry later. It’s more complicated and time consuming than if the EV trainer just used Pokemon that gave 2 EVs . There is a Pokemon that gives 2 EVs that can be Lv. 1 for every stat. HP: Jigglypuff Attack: Scizor Defense: Sudowoodo Special Attack: Sunflora Special Defense: Cryogonal Speed: Starmie

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The shop states that the EV trainer you can currently buy is level 1. You’ll probably be able to upgrade it in the next update.

I made a EV-training guide with Friend Safari bases. Consider using those with Power Items and Pokerus if you have it.