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Game Crashing


Sorry I’ve made a few posts about this topic, but no one is helping me, and I want to get back to the game as soon as possible. So, whenever I get to this stage, at the beginning of the game, the game crashes, and this shows.

Also, please dont tell me to follow the guide, or to move it to my desktop, as Ive already done that.

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You can try updating wineskin as much as possible?

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Try either of these? Both are old but they’ve worked for most people on discord with that error but for a few.

Hope one works for you :confused:

Or this, though you might have stumbled upon (or) tried this already

Edit: Sorry if this was the guide you were referring to, I thought it was the one about el captain.

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The first linked worked to fix the issue for me on Linux Mint 18.1 running wine 1.6.2