Gale Wings Fletchling for almost any Hidden Ability [2 Available]

Trading Name: AWildNoob

Offer: 31 Attack IVs Jolly Gale Wings Fletchling

Request: Any Hidden Ability Pokémon besides:

-Rough Skin Gible + Evos

-Lightning Rod Pikachu + Evos

-Sheer Force Taurus

-Lightning Rod Plusle

I can give you a protean froakie, if you want.

I don’t need any fletchlings, I already have plenty (shameless plug for my own trade post)

I have an IV Stone. I can give you that for a Protean Froakie. When are you available for trading?

I can right now. my trading name is Cow538

Okay I’m sending requests now

You still on? If so I’ll send a request now

Yes. Send request now.

Okay thanks

Yeah thank you too

I have a vulpix with drought as hidden ability can you trade with me?

Okay, can you trade right now? I’m available for the next few hours.

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