5IV pokemon for IV stone

Trading Name: Cow538

Offer: Following pokemon all with 5IV: Timid Protean Froakie, Adamant Larvitar, Modest Feebas, Modest Trapinch, and Jolly Gale Wings Fletchling.

Request: 2 IV Stone if you want egg moves (or are just rich in IV Stones), 1 IV Stone if you don’t want egg moves.

Further info: If you want to offer something else (deltas, megastones, etc.) or think my request is unfair then let me know.

I got one IV stone for u

My trading name is : Indra14

Alright then, which one do you want?

I need the froakie and larvitar

Ok, I’ll send the froakie right now.

My game got error and closed lol

Ok, try again

You got another stone for the larvitar?

i got none left

Its OK, you can have a larvitar for free, it isn’t perfect though. Has 31/31/31/31/18/31 instead of bad special attack.

Thank you so much for the trade :slight_smile:

Haha np

I still have plenty of 5IVs left if anyone is interested

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