FT: Shiny Delta Ralts (male)

Trading Name: Dusky

Offer: Delta Ralts Lv 15 Male + Shiny

Nature: Calm Ability: Lightning Rod

Request: Other Shiny

I’ve got a shiny flaafy

I got shiny honedge, Abra, throh, blastoise, and lampent. Interested in any of those?

i have

for your shiny flaafy, if u are interested

I have a shiny electrike for trade if you’re interested

I have a shiny dragoniote ev trained 252atq 252spd

If @Dusk isn’t interested in trading for your shiny electrike, I’d be interested in trading negotiating for your shiny electrike.

Sure, what do you have to offer for it?

Would you be interested in anything from here?

How about for Level 45 Adamant Honedge 5IV (missing sp.atk if possible) EV trained in Atk and Def + 1 IV stone?

I can definitely do that. I’ll trade Level 45 Adamant Honedge 5IV (with missing sp.atk), EV trained in Atk and Def + two IV stones. 252 in Atk and 252 in Def right? Do you want the remaining 6 EVs in any stat?

6 in spd, and evolve it when it prompts you to if you dont mind

Sure, I don’t mind. I’ll let you know when it’s ready?

I’m about to take a 45 minute car ride to a relative’s house, so if I don’t reply it’s either because im in a car or spending time with a family member, but I’ll be on fairly regularly to check in after that original 45 minutes.

Actually, I’d only be able to trade tomorrow, it’s getting late here(12:10 a.m.). I’d be able to trade in around 10-11 hours from now, would you be free to trade then? If not, maybe 22-23 hours from now?

Also, just in case this is your first time trading, this explains how to trade.

I think 22-23 hours from now would work out best, thanks

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Let me know when you’re ready to trade

They’re ready(The honedge doublade and 2 iv stones). Meet me in discord?

Give me a minute

Sure, I’ll be online for at least the next hour.